March 3rd, 2019

So what are you reading, Susan?

Yesterday, day 1 of the new reading habit, was interesting. I read the magazine and started in on a new book. I am not a fan of holding a book and turning pages. I can already tell that these are my last two page books. Ever.

Page book - read with 2nd cup of coffee in the morning:

The Lines That Make Us - Essays and thoughts on driving a city bus by a Seattle bus driver. So far it's enchanting.

Kindle book - read while eating here or out:

The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man's Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America
- written by a guy who worked (works?) at the same newspaper my ex-husband did and lives in Charlotte where I spent some critical years. He grew up and ate the things that today still make my tongue do a happy dance. It's a really comfortable read even as ironic as it is using it for my dining read.

Audiobook - 'read' every night while I do casual games on the tablet before sleep:

Orphan X - I'm not wild about this one but I don't hate it either. I have an hour left so I'll finish it tonight and then need to find the next one. This is the first in a series. I might read the second but not next.

I usually reserve the Kindle book for non fiction and the audible book for fiction - nearly always thriller/mystery type (not cozy).


Zoey spent the first few years here loving any wet cat food I put in front of her. My choice was always her favorite. My choice was always what was on sale. Then she got picky. It was a fairly long while before I discovered that mostly she just wants variety. If she won't touch this brand today, wait 6 months and it will be her new favorite.

Yesterday, I discovered that her new favorite is now Sheba pate which she would not touch last year. What.Ev. At least this stuff has a long shelf life.

It's rather pricey in the grocery $1 for two servings. But on Amazon, it gets more reasonable. $14 for 48 servings. So I ordered some. When I got to the shopping cart I had a new option. Generally I get 2 day free, 1 day pay, no rush (I get $1 e-media credit) and the Amazon day. (This latter is a new thing where you batch your Amazon deliveries so they all come on one day - and you pick whatever day you want.)

Today I also got an option to get the stuff today if I go pick it up. The pick up spot is actually on my street 2 miles south of here. So ok. I can do that. At least I'll give it a try. I'm guessing they will send me a note sometime today saying 'come and get it'.

I think I'm losing enthusiasm for tiny stuff. I don't want to. So my plan is to finish up the one object I'm working on and put it into the closet for a while and maybe sew for a few days instead. It could be that this one object is very multi faceted and I'm just having tiny ADD.We will see.

Now it's time for my second cup of coffee and some reading.