February 28th, 2019

Just stuff

The pool has been so chemically excellent lately but today it was cloudy and looking like it could turn green again soon. Ugh. And, the gym manager just quit with no new manager in sight. Fuck. What if this pool goes to hell? So I spent most of my swim considering my pool options.

The obvious choice for a new pool is not longer possible since they killed the viaduct. The replacement tunnel lets out nowhere near the road I need to get there in a reasonable time frame. The gym downtown is really pricey and Saturday swimming there is a schedule issue and while it is a salt water pool which is great, it is only 20 yards long which is not.

There are city pools, also expensive for every day. The best on only has early morning swimming 2 days a week. The other two second bests are more difficult to get to.

BUT, while most of the options are not fab. At least I have options. On my way out I stopped to report the pool. Amanda was on at the front desk and while she's kind of flaky, she's really nice and usually good for some inside skippy. She wrote down a note on the pool which is an excellent indication she'll actually follow through. And she told me they did hire a new manager and he's from another LA Fitness and comes with solid creds and is named Nikko. So maybe I won't even have to use those options.

I think I'm going to take tomorrow off, though. My ears have been showing all the signs of pre-swimmers ear. So I'm going to take the day off and hope they get right with the eargods. Plus, hopefully, they'll have the pool back to good again chemically by Saturday.

The sun is out today bring me a very clear message that it is time to clean my windows. The only windows in this loft are a wall of them on one side of the living room. Two go floor to ceiling and they flank sliding glass doors. Fortunately, they are buffered from the elements by 5 feet of covered terrace. Even so it is dusty and dirty out there and they show it now. As washing them in the full sun is not a good plan, the work won't be done today but soon.

Today will be the usual... this and that with a baseball game on TV.


Full day with nothing to show for it...

I'm not sure where today went. It's 4 pm and I feel like I lost the day. I made some tiny stuff but not much. I'm working on one bit that is full of tiny little things so it's a lot of work with nothing to show for it ... yet.

But, other than that, I really didn't do much of anything. It's like the day happened without me.

I did spend a whole lotta time researching coffee pots. My now pretty old Keurig is getting feeble. I looked at all kinds of coffee pots and all kinds of k-cup pots. I used to have one that dripped into a thermos pot that kept coffee hot all day (and didn't break) and I enjoyed that. And they still make those. But then I got to thinking about coffee grounds and coffee filters and fill it up with water every single time and pot washing... And I got exhausted. So back to k-cups. I'd love one with a smaller footprint but I want a bigger water reservoir which is kind of like wanting gynormous boobs but only wanting to wear A cup bras. Not doable.

I looked at all different brands with all different bells and whistles and when it was all said and done the smallest one I found with the biggest reservoir and the bells and whistles that I wanted turned out to be another Keurig. An updated model. So I ordered one. Saturday.

Then I watched the Mariners win.

I feel like I should feel guilty for wasting the day but instead I feel grateful that I could.