February 26th, 2019

Tuesday? Wednesday? Doesn't actually matter, fortunately

I woke up to Wednesday and made Wednesday plans in my head and then noticed I'd forgotten to take my normal pills yesterday. Then checked my watch to discover that yesterday is today and it's only Tuesday. Confused? Me, too. PLUS, Wednesdays have been the really busy days at the pool recently. Today was way busier than a Tuesday. This may be the theme for the day.

I got my tax return back from the CPA yesterday but forgot to check the mail box until this morning. It's just ugly. This year is ok but next year. UGH. This year I paid $1,200 every quarter. Next year that goes to $2,170. Thank goodness we do not have state income tax. As it is, I am now paying nearly $800 a month in just taxes.

Today's project is finishing up the piecing of the crochet project. Once I get it all in one piece it will be much easier and tidier to deal with and I can then move on to something else - like back to the tiny room. And sewing bears.