February 24th, 2019

Cha cha cha changes

I'm making changes to the way I enjoy Live Journal. This means moving people off my friends list or onto lists that I don't read often.

I love the flexibility that allow everyone to make Live Journal what they want it to be for them. I enjoy reading about people's daily lives and their routine goings on. But lately I've found that about half of my friends feed is stuff I just scroll by and ignore.

I'm not a fan of fan fiction or memes or reading answers to stock questions that even the answerers don't really enjoy. I totally get why people build their journals around those things and love reading them by other people, I'm just not one of those people.

Because my journal is public, my removing people from my friends list will have no impact on anyone else's friends list. I also get that many people believe that Live Journal is a two way street or no street at all. So my actions will cause reactions of being removed from access to the locked journals of others. Thanks for letting me in for a while.


Once I started trimming down my friends feed here (and on Instagram and on Twitter), I decided to really do it. Ages ago I started moving people who seemed to be gone from Live Journal to a friends list that was not a default. The result is that in reality, I have about 300 people 'friended' and of those maybe 100 add to their journal anymore and of those maybe 25 are ones I really enjoy reading. BUT, I want to double check every one before I 'remove' it so it's going to take some time.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying remembering folks who used to be here.

I made some spaghetti sauce a while back that is ok. Not fabulous, but ok. I put some in the freezer in individual servings and then I made lasagna with the rest. The lasagna was not good. I thought it was ok. I had it for one meal. Then put four meals with in the freezer in individual servings. I had one last night. It was worse than I remember it. So this morning, I unfroze the others and tossed them. This is the second lasagna fail in a year. I'm done. Stouffers makes one that doesn't suck. I'll stick with it.

I got some chicken teriyaki at Trader Joes that I did not love. This morning I am going to make chicken salad out the rest of that chicken (that I did not put the teriyaki sauce on).

I'm going to stop eating stuff I do not love.

One of the joys of growing old is guilt free unburdening of shit that isn't wonderful. I'm Marie Kondoing me. The danger is that I'll become a boring, self centered, one dimensional old crone. BADGE ACHIEVED!!

The baseball game is on radio only today which means a schedule. When it's on TV, I record it so i can start watching whenever I want, usually about 30 mins or so after first pitch. Then I can fast forward through the commercials if I want. Radio is be there or be square. And no instant replay when I don't understand what they say. Or just want to hear it again. But, hey, still better than no baseball at all.

Twitter just reported it was snowing in West Seattle. That is 10 miles from here (it's where I go to swim). No snow here. Also West Seattle is about 500ish feet above here. But, we don't even have rain. Weird.

I have two more triangles to make before all the bits of my crochet project are done. I need to block it a little - not much but some and then piece it together and do the border. Those last two items are the worst. At least it's still cold so I'll have it to keep me warm while I work on it.

That's today's work. Block. Glue. Baseball. Chicken salad. I'm on it.