February 19th, 2019


For my first couple of laps this morning, the finger that I snipped a divot out of hurt like a sonofabitch. It really did. Was I going to have to stop swimming now because of a hurt finger???? I kept going and after about 5 laps, the hurt started to ease up and after 10 it was gone, so whew.

But the big news this morning is that the new exit is open. So now, instead of getting off the bridge and going through 10 blocks of stop lights on a city street, I can get off the bridge and take a divided highway with zero stops until I get just across the street from my building!

It's a great option but the exit off the bridge is one horribly scary 360 one lane circle down to the highway and it's a killer. It may be a show stopper for me. Maybe when I try it in daylight, I'll be able to start getting used to it.

The other good news is traffic. At 6:30, when I come home, there wasn't any. And, in fact, the blog that covers traffic there the best just now reported the first clog didn't come til 8. Wow. and wonderful.

A while back msconduct mentioned that she was coming to Seattle on a vacation and I offered to help her with any questions she might have. This morning I got a delightful note taking me up on my offer. She, helpfully, listed a great selection of things they want to do and see so making it way easier for me to give them info they can really use.

I'm having a delightful time checking on this bit and that and thinking about where they might stay and what they might want to see and what to recommend. Seattle is really a great place to visit, plus, they, wisely, want to get out of downtown to see stuff in the surrounds.

Coincidentally I just got an email from my other friends from New Zealand and they are coming back next summer - 2020. Kiwis and Summer. A good mix.

I need to make a Costco run and I'm thinking today might be a good day for that. I might glue some stuff and then go while it dries.

We lost another Susan Dennis. This one in Bournemouth on the southern coast of England. I have Google set up to send me an alert at the mention of "susan dennis". Sometimes, it's this journal. Sometimes it's a restaurant reviewer in Florida. Or a photographer in Savannah. Or a conservationist in Australia. Never fails to shake me a bit to see "Susan Dennis funeral details" in bold when I open a note.

Ok, time to get dressed and get crackin'!


$170 for paper towels and steak? Costco'd...

But, they now carry my favorite rice*! And I got a baked chicken. And Korean ribs and junk food. Plus gas. Plus car wash. So... not a totally disaster.

*I love the white sticky rice that comes in shelf stable packaging and all you have to do is nuke it. It's two small single servings or one pretty big one. It's so easy and pretty delicious. They used to only carry it at the Japanese store where they charge $3.50 but then Safeway started carrying it under their Signature label and it's just as good and often $2.50. Costco had it today 10 for $20 but, just now I went to find a photo and even Amazon has it and it has 11 five star reviews. Guess I'm not the only one.

I made two light fixtures today and a bunch of little stuff like books and pictures. The light fixtures were a bitch. I even got out my glue gun in hopes that that would help. It did not. I do not like using the glue gun so I was just as glad it was a fail. I think I finally got the fixtures to a point where they will work and look pretty good. More tomorrow.

I switched this computer - chromebook - from the stable version of the operating system to the developers version so I could try out some new stuff. The new stuff is fun but the price is high. I'm tired of shit not working. There's a beta channel that I'm hoping is going to be more stable so I going to switch.

It means wiping out everything on this computer and starting from scratch but since everything I need/use/want is in the cloud and not stored locally, BFD. When I finish this entry, I'll reboot and be back up and running in 5 mins. I love chromebooks so much.