February 17th, 2019

So many things to do...

All of a sudden, my todo list is overwhelming. But, just now I made a list and there is really only four things on it and one of those was so simple, I just did it rather than really write it down.

So where's this overwhelming coming from. Oh I just thought of another one.

I need to make a lasagna. I have all the goods, including sauce so it's really just boiling the noodles, assembly and baking. I think I'll do that first and get it out of the way.

I want to clean up my instagram feed. I need to cull out a bunch of people so that it's more enjoyable and does not eat up my day just catching up.

I need to do some of the research homework. I have some results and I need to start documenting those before I forget them.

And, of course, gluing.

I'm also getting to a really boring part of the blanket I am crocheting. And it's not even the most boring part. After I slog through this, then it's assembly and border which will be killers. I do want to finish it, though.

I put clean sheets on the bed bed this morning before I left for the pool. That should be a nice treat tonight. I need to do laundry because the dirty clothes hamper is full. But, I think I can squeak by another day or two. I'm going to try anyway.

Now I'm at the end of my coffee and so it's time to get to work.


Mama needs a new pair of shoes, apparently. But, not this moma.

So the idiot who routinely uses my email address, and, who I now know lives in Hillsborough, NC, opened up a PayPal account last week. Using my email address. Today she bought a shit ton ($450 worth) of running shoes from 3 different places... using that account. NOT my account, but the new account she opened using my address.

My account is untouched. And, according to PayPal, until she verifies her email address, she can't order shit. I know she can't verify her email address. So... she's going barefoot. From what I remember about Hillsborough, that's not uncommon.

I think my lasagna is good. It smells good. It looks good. In about an hour, I'll know for sure. I also snagged some Trader Joes Roasted Garlic and Herb butter. Dinner is going to be yummy. And there are three more lasagna dinners in containers for the freezer. Good job!

I did some data homework. A good bit, actually.

And I gluing.


That wire basket there in the back nearly did me in. I don't love it. I'm glad it's tiny and tucked on a shelf where you can't see it properly. And I tried to fix the lopsided handle on the night stand drawer. Clearly I was unsuccessful. I'm going to blame it on the tiny handyman who replaced the handle when they repainted it after they found it on the curb. He also did the handles on the cabinet in the back that houses the wire basket. I think they need to hire a new handyman. Jes sayin'

Now I'm going to turn on CBS Sunday Morning. My brother says that one of our favorite authors is on.

And crochet.