February 14th, 2019

Back to normal

Mike and Karen swim a couple of times a week with me. They are both really really nice. This morning Karen said that they had gotten there on Tuesday and it was a ghost town. "I swam in your lane I told myself I was swimming for Susan." cracked me up. She's a 1st grade teacher. They go back to school today but no outside play. She allowed as how that combo was already killing her just thinking about all that pent up 6 year old energy.

The roads were clear and dry and pretty traffic-free. They finally announced yesterday that the interchange I've been waiting for them to open will open next week. No exact day yet. That should make a nice, big difference in my route home.

Amazon's turned their 24 hour delivery back on. Not quite same day but getting closer which means their own delivery system is likely going back to work.

I think I have a solid plan for making my new coat fit better. I need about a quarter yard of fabric to do it. A black fleece might do it but I'd rather a boiled wool. I think I'll wander up to the fabric shop today to see what they have on hand. I need black which is way easier to find than my normal color preferences.

My next tiny project arrives today. I am ready.

When I bought my blinds, I went for the more expensive ones that offered thermal protection. My thought at the time was keeping the heat out in the summer. In the winter, I enjoy the view outside. The leaves are gone so not blocking what I can see. And the sun isn't around much to glare me into having the blinds down. But last night it was cold and I remembered the thermal thing. I am very surprised at how much of a difference just having them down makes in warming up this room. Wild.

I found episode one of this new season of British Sewing Bee on Reddit last night. Excellent. I sure hope the uploader keeps it up.

The fabric store won't be open for another hour. I think I'll make some bears.


Genius at work

I am feeling so smart. Someone needs to smack me back to reality here.

I had some ideas floating in my head on how to make that new coat work better on my fat body. I had a couple of plans. All involved needed fabric so when 10 am hit, I put the coat on and walked up the street o the fabric shop.

On the way, the solution popped right into my head. So simple. So perfect.

I bought 1/4th yard of black boiled wool. [This fabric shop has a small inventory and very little of the fun, colorful knits I love. However, this morning they had 4 - FOUR - different black boiled wools. I love the northwest but I hate its color scheme.]

Back at home I cut the coat up the back and BAM! a trapeze coat that fits perfectly. Turned out to be the easiest fix in the world. I am beside myself with joy over the whole thing.

MVIMG_20190214_104045 MVIMG_20190214_104104
IMG_20190214_104405 IMG_20190214_104809
IMG_20190214_110823 IMG_20190214_110912