January 16th, 2019

Back in the pool

The 5 am regulars at the gym welcomed me back into the fold. Only, really, like the silent warriors they are, nothing was mentioned about my missing 3 full days. We we got to the pool, we found split pea soup.

I mean ugh gross really. Cloudy and green.


My buddy Matt was there and we decided to chance it. As I was swimming I thought 'well, if it were a lake or the ocean, it wouldn't be clear...' But then I realized that all the fish had died, too. ugh. Just gross.

When we were done and leaving Matt quipped 'see you in the ER!' hahaha I am going to feel so stupid if I get sick from that pool.

Then I went to sit in traffic. Normally, I'm showered, dressed and on the road about 6:15. And that was the case today. But, normally at 6:15, the road is pretty darned clear. Today it was bumper to bumper for a good third of the trip. The entire trip took me about 3 times longer than usual.

There are several sets of railroad tracks between the gym and home. Today I had just cleared the final one when a freight train came by and stopped. The stop was longer than usual but at least I was on the good side of it. When I got home, I discovered on twitter that the stop was WAY longer than normal and had gummed up the works causing a backup that started even before the gym.

So my swim slimy and my ride home a lengthy mess but I did manage to dodge a pretty big bullet. Not so bad.

And, out of the shower, I managed to finger style my wet hair so that the back of the head situation isn't as glaring. I hope.

Today is house cleaner day. I'm guess she will be late and blame it on traffic. Maybe not. I have a load of stuff to take to Goodwill and then I'm not sure what I'll do to kill time til she's done. Maybe Trader Joe's. Maybe the book store. A local bus driver has written a book of essays about his route (Route 7) that I want to read. I also want to support the author so I'm happy to buy it. I just wish it was Kindlized. But, it's not. So book store it is.

Then home to a clean house. The laundry all got done yesterday so today I may sew or I may miniature or I may just watch junk tv and crochet. I don't have to decide now.

I do think I've made a dining chair decision. No chairs at all. I currently have two chairs that are uncomfortable. And, get in the way - they are too tall to see the TV over as well. So my new plan is to get rid of them and replace them with ottomans. Ottomen? I have two ottomans there now - 2 chairs, 2 ottomans. And when it's just me, I use one of the ottomans to sit on. So why not just get some more? They don't make the ones I have any more but I found a nice version - storage and casters and ordered one. If it works like I think it should, I'll order another so at least two will match.

Time to get crackin'!


The rest of today

My two IKEA dining chairs went home with the house cleaner. I really like that they aren't here. It makes the room so much bigger.

I spent lots of time today at that table working on my miniature room. I'm not going to love the finished product but I have learned so much. I know I will love the second one. I plan on finishing the first but probably it will have a short life.

It's 7 pm and I just had a wild hair to call the gym about the pool. Sure enough they apparently closed it after I was gone this morning and don't intend to open it until at least tomorrow. I'll call tomorrow mid-morning and get an update. But, I'm not going to go get up at 4:30 and fight that traffic for no swim. Soooooo glad I called.

Ordinarily in this situation, I'd just pivot to the LA Fitness in the Ballard neighborhood north of here but in the current traffic/road closed situation now, NFW. Ballard takes me 20 minutes to get to with no traffic and it would probably take me a good hour or more in this mess we have now.

My Plan C pool, normally open on Thursday mornings and in a location I actually could get to easily, is closed for maintenance til May.

Swims are not plentiful this month. Sigh.