January 15th, 2019

It was such fun

As I type this, I'm at home in my living room and my brother is at Gate 12 at Seatac.

I enjoyed his visit so much. He's such fun, interesting, easy company. And so much good food! Last night was high end Italian at Il Terrazzo Carmine. I love an excuse to try out new places and revisit old. Yum.

Today is laundry. And stuff. I will turn the guest room back into the sewing room. And take a couple of loads down to the dumpsters and generally tidy up. The house cleaner comes tomorrow. Also I need to get out my miniature stuff and get that ready to work on.

Text just told me he's all boarded and ready to go and has a row to himself. Nice.

I also need to pay bills and catch up with my financial guy to see which of us is on the hook for my long term insurance premium this year.

I now have a healthy stash of junk TV piled up on Tivo and my crochet project to get back to.

It was a great visit and, this year, it's only 2 months til the next one. He is coming back in March for my 70th birthday!

So far

I need new dining chairs. The ones I have are old and are IKEA so not meant to last this long and they weren't that comfortable to start with. I'm vacillating between comfortable and transparent (acrylic or lucite). I'm also vacillating between really really really need them now and I do not really need them at all. I'm indecisively indecisive on the whole thing.

I sent my financial adviser a question last week and realized this morning I had not heard a peep out of him. It's about the annual premium of my long term care insurance. He paying or me? Then I looked today and it's due today! And they offer me no way of instant pay. Ooops. So I called. Voicemail. I sent him partner an email. Crickets. Called partner. Voicemail. hmmmmm Then I called back to leave voicemail and heard that in addition to my guy and his 2nd in command, they now have a third! So I called her and she answered! She said my guy had a family emergency. But, she fixed the problem perfectly and quickly and pleasantly.

Then the washer didn't drain the clothes well enough. I think it's having issues but I also think that particular load was just way too unbalanced. It had three yard lengths of fabric. So it's cycling again because the stupid machine has no way to spin only. I hate this washing machine and always have. If it doesn't spin right this time, skip the dining room chairs, I'm getting a new washer/dryer.

I have the sewing room put back together. And one load of laundry left and then I'm taking the rest of the day off.

too cool for school and... OOOPS!

Remember that artist I captured yesterday? I posted the photo on Instagram and that is automagically copied to Twitter. On Twitter someone I do not know at all, replied to my tweet with the guy's name and his instagram and I now have a new favorite artist!

Oh and the last laundry load was towels and the washer spun the bejesus out of them so not broken so no new washer/dryer. Oh well.

My hair was getting a little wild in the back so I got out the trimmer... I made some passes and got a little but it wasn't enough. Then I turned the trimmer over and I nearly scalped myself. Seriously, the back of my hair now looks like the back of little kids hair after their mom cuts out the gum that got stuck in there!!

So I'm crocheting a hat out of that nice fancy yarn I got yesterday.

It's not a tragedy because:
  1. I can't see it and the front looks fine.

  2. The back of my head grows hair way fast so it won't take long to recover.

  3. I don't go to church so no one will be studying the back of my head. I'll try to remember to remember BackAgainstTheWall in elevators.

  4. And finally, big whoop. Who cares and new hat!

My brother made it to Austin so is about an hour's drive from home.