January 14th, 2019

island hoping

This morning my brother walked until he found a Lime (rental) bike and then rode up to the bakery and brought home delicious treats.

Then we set out for Bainbridge Island which is a 30 minute ferry from here. It's a relatively easy walk from my house to the ferry and then from the ferry to downtown Winslow. So a nice little half day trip.



Winslow is really just one cutsie gift shop after another. And there is a yarn shop and a fabric shop.


The good lunch place has closed for good. The second best lunch place is closed on Mondays. The third best lunch place was adequate. I was also not that impressed with the bakery that was recommended to use by two different people but Bill liked it better than I did.

We walked and walked and walked - I will hit 10,000 steps before bed.

On the way home from the ferry, we saw this guy. I'm glad I have no idea how/where to buy his painting and/or if it is even for sale. I love it though.


Now we're having our last cocktail hour. He leaves tomorrow morning early. It's been such a nice visit.