January 7th, 2019

Back in the saddle

As anticipated, this morning's swim was glorious. A great way to start the day. And now I can fritter away the rest of the day and still feel pretty good by the time I hit the rack tonight.

My brother arrives tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. I have a list of things that I'd love him to do around here. A list of suggestions of fun things for the two of us to do in town. A list of places to eat - mostly places I've never been but have been wanting to try. And reservations at the hottest new place tomorrow night. It's Sawyer's in Ballard. Our reservations are at 6:30. They have closed off the main way to get from here to there. And we'll be going at rush hour so I'm thinking we'll need to leave straight from the airport when he lands at 12:45. Not really but maybe.

The traffic around here is going to suck big time for the next six weeks but then, if/when/after they open the new tunnel through the middle of town, other major road work will ensure the suckage continues for years to come. There's another tunnel through town that services the light rail and buses. They are closing that to busses in March to ensure that the traffic through town will be as clogged as possible. It's so difficult to understand how transportation decisions are made in this town. In truth, I've never actually understood west coast politics. But, otherwise, I do love the place.

No big plans for today. Well, aside from 'making' 20 tiny books.


winner winner chicken dinner!!

This morning, rsc left a comment suggesting that nail polish remover might double a glue remover. So I pulled out my handy pump dispenser of acetate and when my finger tips got covered with glue, I tried wiping them down with the stuff and OMG, totally worked! Perfection. Hat tip/virtual high five, and kudos to Mr. Robert!

I did, in fact, get all the bits finished and then got everything organized on trays and safely put away in the closet. So tidy. And ready for room building after my brother's visit.