December 30th, 2018

Another one bites the dust

Today's swim suit swam its last swim... deja vu! Today's suit's death was so final, the burial happened in the gym trash bin. And then there were 3 and one of those does not have long. I have lots of fabric and plenty of elastic. So not tragic.

There's a megaphone Jesus preacher on the street just outside my condo this morning. We don't have a lot of these but they do love sporting events and the Seahawks have a home game in a couple of hours. They megaphones they use are ear shatteringly loud and I can make out his words from 50 feet away from the window. Lovely. Hopefully, he'll go annoy/save those condos in the southern half of this block soon.

These next two days are going to be like this one and yesterday. The pool does not open until 8 and other than a swim, nothing else on the agenda.

This is dry nose season here in Seattle. I will never understand how we can have rain/drizzle all day every day for weeks and, yet, the air is so arid, my skin cracks and chaps no matter how much cream or lotion or chapstick I use. And OMG my nose. It runs constantly and is also dry mans gulch. The dry nose situation will last through May. A couple of years ago, I found this gel that keeps me sane. I dug it out last night and lathered up the highnoseways and whew. Today is much better. I'll be mainlining the stuff til June.

I've got laundry going. 3 loads. How can one single old woman, who does virtually nothing all damn day, accumulate so much dirty laundry?

Guess I'll get goin on that doing nothing thing for today.


You knew me before...

I'm afraid that I have started a free fall into a hole that I will not be able to climb out of. Someone on instagram showed a photo of a Christmas present - Miniature House Kit. I did not even know these things existed. They not only exist, they are not exorbitant and there are a ton of them.

This is the one I ordered - aka the first hit on the crack pipe.

It will arrive tonight. So there are still several hours left of my Life Before.