December 27th, 2018

Early adopter potholes

My new bone conduction headphones arrived with a cable that is clearly a charging cable, and ear plugs. The three items were lose in a box with packing paper. No other anything in the box. No receipt, no thank you, no instructions, no URL. Nothing. It was a clear indication that the folks behind this had worked late into the night to ensure I got it before Christmas and I did. Thank you.

BUT, a clue here and there would be nice. I charged it up and saw the little charging light go from red to green. Then I unplugged it and hit what was clearly the 'on' button that that light remained green until I turned them off. The pitch for these bragged about battery life for days. So I was pretty shocked and bummed when half way through my second swim with them, they died.

I hoped that their death was just dead battery and, I suspect it was. When I got home, I plugged them in and got a red light that, after an hour, turned to blue. Now I'm beginning to think that blue means fully charged and red means very low battery and/or charging and green means...?

I guess we'll see. The exciting world of being first.

There were even fewer people at the gym this morning than yesterday. I could do with another week like this one.

My new breakfast muffin thing was pretty good. The milk/egg ratio leaned too far on the milk side but, otherwise, pretty tasty.

Today will be a sewing day. I think it's time to cut into that special fabric I ordered for the replacement raincoat. That should keep me out of trouble for a while.