December 26th, 2018


This morning's swim was the best. Surprising no one, neither the pool nor the gym was crowded. A couple came in together and swam for about 15 minutes and that was it - the only peops I saw.

I finally got to try out my new Kickstarter bone conducting headphones. My expectations were high and they far exceeded them. The sound was glorious and they were exceedingly comfortable and stable. I can plug up my ears to prevent water getting in and still hear every word of every song. They are so stable, I think I might even go back to listening to books while I swim. I'm just delighted to bits.

I'm also delighted with my Christmas present to me. About six weeks or so ago, I got the worst haircut ever after my regular place had music so loud I left and, in desperation, popped into a Supercuts. I started researching cutting my own hair. It's cheaper. There is no annoying chit chat and I can do it whenever I want. No appointment needed.

I looked at Flowbee and at several other hair cutters. And watched videos and read how tos and reviews. Over and over again. Finally, my hair started sprouting out unevenly and it was clear that something will need to be done soon.

I decided that Flowbee was probably my safest bet. Not the cheapest by any stretch since I do not have a vacuum but, it seemed the most risk free. Except, nope. Amazon's offerings did not include the vacuum and were more expensive than the Flowbee website. BUT when I went to pull the trigger, I was met with 'we're closed til January'. NFW.

I bought a Remington. And I love it. I successfully evened out the two spurts of hair within minutes of opening the box. I later got a little two frisky and there's a kind of weird patch under my left ear but now I know not to get frisky any more. It's very easy to use and really handy. In less time than it takes to brush my teeth, I can pull it out, fire it up, trim a bit and put it away. And it's very compact - even has its own little storage bag.

I may do some more trimming today.

I don't really have anything else planned for today. I may make a ru to Grocery Outlet later for some English Muffins. Or not. We'll see. I have lots of stuff to keep me entertained so I might not have time.


Yet another breakfast

I like eating breakfast in the mornings. I don't like to do without. But, especially in the mornings, I hate cooking breakfast. So... problem.

I've tried a bunch of different make aheads. Usually they are really good until I have them every day for a week or so. Then I'm really tired of them. Now I'm tired of so many different ones that I'm kind of at a loss.

I'm trying a new one now. Baked eggs, cheese and sausage in muffin cups. It will be perfect tomorrow - nuked with an English muffin. And probably Friday, too. Then, who knows. There's only 5 of them so not a huge commitment.

Oh, they are just done. Hmmm this will be interesting. They do smell good.


My flatware is a cheap set from Ikea that I bought years ago. It has a nice weight and feel to it BUT, the fork tines are getting out of line and that drives me nuts. I went to Ikea to see about buying more. All they have is sets and I have to buy at least 3 before they will ship and I am too lazy to drive all the way there and fight their store to get more. So... Amazon. But, now I don't have any feel for how they feel. The knives, particularly, need to be weighted properly. But, wait, I don't need knives. I only need forks. And a dozen folks are cheap enough to return or toss if they are horrible.

So I just ordered forks. From Amazon. Forest/trees. I must remember to check at Goodwill to see what their flatware situation is.

I also found a podcast catcher for my swim player and got it all set up with some podcasts now that I can reliably hear well enough to enjoy those while I swim.

I did a grocery outlet run and a bunch of this and that around the house and now I think I'm ready to sit and find out what's happening with the Indian Doctor. When I left them yesterday, there was a outbreak of smallpox. I hope it hasn't gotten worse while since then.