December 25th, 2018

Pool fail but I have electricity so all is good

On the way to Bothell, I spent some quality time wrapping my head around how this would be a fool's errand. The pool won't be open or for some other reason I will have driven all this way only to not be able to swim.

Which was, of course, exactly what happened. The pool was fogged in. The woman working there was not the least bit nice, kind, informational or encouraging. "We don't know when it will open. When it does we don't know if there will be adult lap swimming or not." (I get that working on Christmas can't be fun but seems like to me that if you make the best of it, it will feel better for everyone. But, clearly, that's not an opinion she shared.)

I could have gotten some breakfast there but I was annoyed by that woman so I just got back in the car and came home. A nice, no-traffic, 45 minute drive. For nothing.

BUT I'm home, it's warm, there's a cat draped over my arm. I have food in the house and 13 Coins down the block if I don't want to cook. Tomorrow morning at 5 am I can swim without hassle.

I already downloaded some movies onto this laptop for the next power outage. Next I'm going to download some different ones onto the 10" tablet. All my backup batteries are all charged up and ready.

I think I'll go make myself an omelette.