December 14th, 2018

Best Laid Plans... kaput!

I was so ready for a swim this morning. Up at 4:30, into my suit, brushing my teeth and boom. Hit with an attack of the runs. No cramps or feeling bad at all but clearly not swimming pool ready. I think it's milk. I had cereal for dinner last night with lots of milk. I think the last time I had cereal for dinner with lots of milk the same thing happened. No biggie. I can sure live without milk. Especially since other dairy - ice cream in particular - does not have the same penalty.

Anyway I immodium-ed up and now things seem to be very much better. So much better that I'm now debating going for a rare mid-morning swim. I'm guessing my ear would rather that I didn't. Tomorrow will be soon enough. That's the current debate status.

I have 30 minutes left on my current audio book. I think I'll polish those off today and then find the next one. My brother, who's book taste runs nicely along the same lines as mine, eats audiobooks way faster than I do and has identified some nice contenders for me.

I need to organize my coat/jacket/wrap situation. I think Goodwill needs some of them and I need room on the rack. I need to organize my fleece scrap situation and find a home for it. And actually, the whole sewing room needs help. It will be turned into the guest room just after New Years and so now might be a good time to get it tidy and more organized.

That's a good plan for the day. I'm on it.

Low key day...

I spent way too much time today looking for my bus card and my keys. I have gotten pretty good about keeping stuff in the same place so I know where it is. Keys hang by the door OR have a their own special pocket in my purse. My bus card goes in my wallet with the other cards. Somehow both managed to not get in their places.

The bus card never did turn up but it is the easiest to replace. The office where you go to get a replacement is 2 blocks from here and it costs $3. So no biggie.

And, fortunately, I found the keys. And it was a good thing I realized they were gone when I did. I found them in the pocket of a hoodie I put on yesterday afternoon. Last night, when I took it off, I put it into the Goodwill bag. Wonder how many keys Goodwill ends up getting.

No gut attacks today - yeah! I feel fine. I did go up the street and got the new card and then had lunch at the new hamburger place. They put too much salt on their fries but they are still delicious.

We're having a bit of a wind storm. I have 10 foot high drapes on my terrace. They hide my storage closets. Tonight they are flapping. Not as bad as they have in really severe wind storms but flapping none the less.

Steak and frites for dinner. I got extra frites at the hamburger place. They do reheat very nicely.

My fingers are crossed for a good swim tomorrow. Too much dry dock time!