December 13th, 2018

hand/ear hand/ear hand/ear

Ok, the hand. I'm shocked at how well and fast it's healing. In an abundance of caution, I'm going to keep it antiseptic-ed and covered until it's back to normal but, if for some reason I could no longer keep it covered, it would be fine. Already. Kudos to my old lady skin. Good job!

My ear, not so much. It's still a little clogged this morning. I spent my swim hour this morning doing research on swimmers ear.(I am so grateful for the internet and for sites like web md and may clinic.) And it looks like I can spend about two weeks or more in dry dock but... maybe better is to fight this with a plan.

The other day carriea31 suggested I get ear plugs to swim with. I brushed her off because I do swim with ear plugs - my music earbuds. But, now I'm thinking she's righter than me. There are plugs made for swimmers. My swim buddy Matt uses them (I know because he has very limited vision and is always dropping them and asks me, oh so sweetly, to help him find them.)

Turns out that while my music earplugs work, they do not keep water out and swimmers earplugs actually do (say a whole lotta Amazon reviewers). I can wear one music bud and one plug. That might work fine. Also there are ear drops that will kind of chase the water out. So I'll get those. Plus I still have about a week of the ear drops that the doctor gave me.

So I will, more than likely, go back to the pool tomorrow. Armed and ready for an ear fight!

Meanwhile today I slept in but good. I normally am up and swum and breakfasted by 7:15. Today that's when I woke up!

Today I'm heading downtown. The end point will be meeting ljtourist for lunch but I have some meandering I'd like to do ahead of that. No major agenda it's just been a while since I've been down there and I have stuff I want to see.

I made a couple of Amazon discoveries last night. 1. They are now 'into' social media. I placed an order yesterday that was promised delivery yesterday. As the day wore on, they kept delaying the 'arrive by' time until finally it hit 9:45. (Deliverer was Amazon.) I tweeted that 9:45 pm was way too late for deliveries - esp on a school night. Shockingly, I got a response from Amazon Help. (I've bitched about them plenty on Twitter in the past and never heard a peep.)

Then at 8:30 my 'arrive by' time turned into 'couldn't get access to the building so no delivery'. Total bullshit. So I went to their Contact Amazon. My choices were chat or phone so I picked chat and bitched and asked for monetary compensation. The chat guy said he'd report the driver. Again I asked 'and my monetary compensation?' He gave me $5. They used to dole out more than that and would offer it without my having to ask even once.

Back to Twitter, I followed up with the no delivery news and again Amazon Help sent me a link to an Amazon page created specifically for social media response. Interesting.

I'm wearing my latest fleece top and it's cracking me up. Also making me hungry. Also in lieu of the traditional swim selfie.


Walking swim

I ended up walking the equivalent number of steps I usually get for swimming! This is impressive for a couple of reasons. I hate to walk so I don't. I worry a lot that not walking will decrease my chances of being able to sooner rather than later. So I was impressed that I could even do that much walking all at once.

I took the bus up one big hill and then walked a mile all around downtown and then over to the poke place to meet Frank. We had a great lunch and then I walked home from there without stopping 1.5 miles. Go me!

FOB Poke is the best, by the way. It's on Blanchard near 3rd in downtown Seattle. The line is way long between noon and 12:35. Otherwise, it's very doable. And yuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy. Frank had said it was the best but he undersold it.

I just looked it up and turns out their second location is exactly where another poke place used to be. VERY easy trolley ride from here. Excellent.

Now I intend to take the rest of the day off. I have TV to watch and knitting to do.

Oh and here's a dude I followed for a couple of blocks downtown. Spiffy suit.