December 10th, 2018


Yesterday I read on Twitter that the bridge between here and the gym was totally backed up with emergency road repair at the time I would have been trying to get home had I gone swimming as usual. Then this morning, one of my swim buddies told me that they front desk person did not show up to open the gym until 8:15. An angry mob had collected by that time. Ugh. Been there and it's ugly.

So... my decision not to swim yesterday? Brilliant!

Today I was worried about swimming with my hand wounds. I doubled down on the binding - And, can I just say thank you to the genius who invented the self adhering stretchy tape??? It's so effective and easy and nice to my skin. Thank you - and then put my neoprene glove over it all.

First test, will it hurt. It felt weird for the first lap but it didn't hurt and then I pretty much forgot about it. When I got home, I peeled off the bandages and, honestly, I think all that time in the water helped it!!

It doesn't even look disgusting any more. That's some fast healing right there.


It's now back covered in antiseptic gel and bandaged back up. It still doesn't hurt. I must not have any hand nerves left at all. Fine by me.

I spent last night watching 2 episodes of Season 3 of Line of Duty. That show is just amazing. I literally gasp out loud. I still have one episode left and then six in Season 4 and Season 5 is being made right now. TV goodness for sure.

Today's project is more of the geometric pattern working. I organized my notes from the coat and then worked them out for a top (not cardigan). I have 2 yards of a fun fleece to use for pattern validation. On paper, I should have plenty of fabric to do the job. But 2 yards for a long sleeve tunic length top? I need to do to believe.

I'm on it. Watch this space.



I have gotten extremely good at bandaging my right hand with my left. I can now do a comfortable, tidy wrap the first time every time.

My top worked out perfectly. Long sleeved, turtleneck top that covers my ass and has pockets out of 1.5 yards. Very cool.

I have learned so many cool tips and tricks and ideas for sewing and knitting and crocheting on Instagram. I'm sure it is just a matter of months before something happens to make it no longer a viable, fun resource. They will either up the ad ratio or require Facebook or, in some other way, just fuck it up. I'll be sad. Not surprised, but sad.

I finished Line of Duty Season 3 today and OMG. I had to rip out two rows of knitting that I screwed up simply because the show had every ounce of my attention. One more season to go.

The Seahawks are playing across the street. Kind of quiet over there, they must not be killing it.

I made eggs for 10 burritos this afternoon. Then I opened up the package of 10 tortillas and there was 11. WTF? What are they doing? That's no way to make a profit. I made 10 egg burritos and 1 cream cheese roll and ate the latter.

I bought a porchetta and chocolate chip cookie today. Actually I bought 2. I ate one earlier and I'm getting ready to eat the other one now. I thought they would be amazing. They are a hair better than ok but not nearly to amazing.

My next door neighbor (owner of the attack dog) left some pralines in a bog hanging from my doorknob this afternoon. They are good but they need vanilla ice cream. Guess I'll have to get some of that this weekend.