December 9th, 2018

Ripping the routine

On any other Sunday right now I'd be nearly half way through my swim. It feels very odd to be sitting here having coffee instead. I slept until 7 am which is pretty unprecedented.

But, hey, mixing it up seems like a good idea. I do wonder what the regulars at the gym think about my not being there. Or do they even notice? Maybe not on a Sunday. Also Sunday is when the best front desk person is on duty. Sorry to miss her.

I think my ear is really and truly on the mend. I've been religious about these drops and now the only symptom I have left is blockage - just after I put those drops in! I think I'm going to keep using them for a couple of more days at least - maybe until I run out. I want this thing fixed.

My hand is an ugly mess but already healing a little. The most minor of the four gouges is already showing improvement. The rest are a bloody mess. There will be scars for sure. My chances of ever being a hand model are now 100% toast. On the up side, it does not hurt much at all. My plan is to keep it gelled up with antibiotic stuff and keep it covered.

So today's big excitement is a trip to Walgreens for bandaging. Woot!!

Also there may be sewing. When I ordered the fleece that came yesterday, I had a couple of patterns in mind for nice, cozy tops/tunics. BUT, now I'm thinking I might do a variation of the geometric red coat only as a pullover instead of a cardigan and, of course, shorter with maybe a turtleneck instead of a hood... hmmmmm

But, first, there will be breakfast.

An hour well spent

Yesterday, I missed a text from Frank. I missed it because all my notifications sound the same - emails sound link texts sound like twitter likes. I heard the noise and just ignored it.

NO MORE! I just spent an hour creating specific sounds and identifying them. Now, when a text or an email from my brother comes in, I'll hear "It's Bill". When a random email comes in, I'll hear "It's an email!" And when Amazon sends anything, I'll hear "Amazon!" - I made one for Frank, one for Fed Ex, one for USPS, one for UPS.

So far, no one's sent anything so I can only hope they all work. But, if they don't it's a tweak to fix. I'm delighted with the idea and the effort.

I got bandages and a rubber glove so I can do the dishes. I thought about dropping by Trader Joe's but decided...nah. I came home and rebandaged my hand but also remembered to take a picture of it in case it gets infected so I can show the hospice nurse what it looked like before it started to kill me. Drama queen? Me????

Now I'm back home, doing laundry.

I just went in to swap washer to dryer only to discover that I'd also washed a packet of facial tissues. That had now disintegrated. All over my clothes, my red coat, the carpet.

  • I went to get my 4,000 year old hand held vac only to discover it no longer works. My other vacume doesn't do tight spaces.

  • Handheld going to Goodwill.

  • The old hand held was mounted to the wall in the closet. I wanted to unmount the charger to put with the handheld - 2 screws.

  • Got my trusty drill/screw driver. Bit too short.

  • Got out the brand new box o' 597 different bits and things for the screwdriver that I had never used. The last time my brother was here, he struggled fixing things because I didn't have the right drill bits and stuff so I got this variety pack to solve that problem. Only it was a bitch to get into.

  • Got into it finally, got the bit extender, got the fucking screws out. Put it all in the Goodwill bag.

  • Used the lint roller I got yesterday at the Dollar Store (to pick up thread bits at the sewing machine) to clean up the clothes and then vacummed the other stuff as best I could.

  • Ordered a new hand held.

And now it's lunchtime. ThankgodforPopeyesFriedChicken.