December 5th, 2018

The ears have it...

Last night my ear attacked again so I started the drops. I'll keep them up regardless of how the ear feels for at least a few days to a week and hope I can knock some sense into this thing and make it hit the road, jack.

I looked up the dets on the ear drops and learned immediately that they were what is prescribed mostly for swimmers ear. My doctor did not mention swimmers ear but I do wonder if the pool is not the culprit. If the drops don't work, he said the next step was a visit to an ENT. But, I think an interim step - as much as I would hate it - would be a week off from swimming. So... let's work, drops, ok? Thx.

This morning I dreamed up a new coat. I made a raincoat last Fall. I love the coat but I made a fatal error. The inside of the coat is kind of a quilted neoprene which gives texture and so a little warmth BUT also makes it incredibly difficult to get off - it grabs my clothes and won't let go. And, in tweaking the pattern to make it fit correctly in the shoulders, I made the armscye (armhole) too small for accommodating sweaters or thicker tops.

So the coat will work for summer but not for winter. I now have a new design in my head and new fabric (this time with fleece on the inside) on order. BUT this time I'm going to make it out of test fabric first. Fool me twice - nope.

Also I came up with a better plan for my kindle case.

Those are the two projects I'm going to dip into today, I think.

It's very bright and sunny and cold out today. The sewing room is the warmest room in the house. Usually not a selling point to me but today... I'm going back there to work, yes, but also to warm up!


Calendar integrity. I've lost it.

So I was back in the sewing room, deep into Kindle sleeve making when the door from the hallway opens and I hear the deep, loud, Bosnian voice of my house cleaner.


I stare at her astonished and say "It's Tuesday!" and she says "No, it's Wednesday" and I say "no, it's Tuesday" and we go on like that for a long time. She finally convinced me but it was not easy. I don't think I have ever been as off on my days as this morning. Every single thing pointed to Wednesday and yet, in my heart of hearts and brain of brains I knew it was Tuesday.

It was really funny. And I was not house cleaner ready. The kitchen was a mess. I had a giant piece of fabric spread out on the counter. I hadn't even hung up my swimsuit yet. Nor had I gathered the rest of the stuff to take to Goodwill or even thought about what other things I wanted to do while I was out.

But, she got to work and I got myself together and hit the road. I went to Goodwill and Uwajimaya and Daiso (where I got Zoey her Christmas outfit).


But, now the house is clean and all is fine. I made a nice little bagette for kindle and even added a little pocket on the outside for the folding stand I like to carry with me.

Then I spent some quality time with a ruler and paper and pencil, planning out the coat. I have the perfect piece of fabric to use for the test build. Tomorrow.

I think I'm going to pull out my knitting and fire up Series 3 of Line of Fire.