November 24th, 2018

So Quiet Saturday

The pool was quiet. Trader Joe's was quiet. Grocery Outlet was quiet and now I'm hope with a cat purring on my lap and the only other noise I hear is the webcam across the room rotating around which it does all day long.

For the first couple of laps of my swim, I was not feeling it. I wondered why I hadn't just taken the day off. Then I forgot about that whine and thought about other things and by the time I hit 1800 yards I was all like hmmmm what if, for now til the end of the year, I try to do 2000 yards a few times a week? hmmmm. Starting today. 200 yards more than normal is kind of a killer. At least it was today. I should have stopped and sat and rested for a bit but I didn't.

I tried to give Trader Joe's the $13 from two weeks ago. Their terminal would not accept payment from my phone so the clerk just said 'take it' and handed me my groceries. I think trying to figure out how to key it into the system was maybe more trouble than it was worth. Gives me all warm and fuzzies about TJ's.

BUT even bigger TJ's is a new cake. Banana cake with cream cheese icing. A little mini sheet cake. Banana cake with cream cheese icing is only my favorite ever. I bought 3 today. I would have bought all of them but I thought maybe I should taste one first. If yummy, I'm filling my freezer with them.

Also I found frozen Hassleback potatoes there! I've always wondered why someone didn't do that. Make up Hassleback's and freeze them. Good going TJ's.

I got the groceries put away and next I need to go up to the sewing shop and buy something. It's Small Business Saturday. Every year I try to get out in the neighborhood and buy at least one thing. Almost always it's not something on a list or something I need but something small and fun. Today will be the same. Might be yarn. Might be fabric. Hopefully, it won't be too $$.

And that's it for my plans for the day.

I'm wearing the shirt I made yesterday. I learned a new trick making it but the shirt itself is going right to Goodwill. There's been a rash of that lately. Not long ago, I tried a new pattern turned out to be not even close to ok BUT it had the coolest pocket ever. It changed the way I add pockets to most everything. The pattern cost me $11 and I'll never make it again or wear the one I made but that pocket trick was totally worth $11.

It's chilly in here today. The thermometer says 64 degrees. I think, when I get back, I'll be turning on my trusty little heater. For it's size, it does an amazing job and very quietly.

Ok, I'm off now to hit the streets.


Spreading the support

So turns out, this year's contribution was not tiny but it was great fun and appreciated.

The shop - Drygoods Design - has sewing stuff plus yarn and other goodies. And today they had a pop up shop from a nearby yarn maker Local Color Fiber Studio.

Usually indie yarn outfits have grays/browns and various shades of off white. But this woman had a bunch of nice colors in premium yarn. So I treated myself to four skeins. And the snotty sales girl who pissed me off so royally last Summer, was on top of her game. She greeted me by name and pointed me to some knits that she thought I might like and she was was 100% correct. 2 yards each of two really fun fabrics. Then they had this really fun kit for making a lion so, yeah.

Way more than I intended to spend but it was fun and worth it plus I got some really good shit. Oh and a free Small Shop Saturday canvas bag. I took a picture of the bag when I got home and instgrammed about the shop, the pop up shop and Small Shop Saturday. It took exactly 13 minutes to get a really sweet 'thanks' from the shop owner.

All in all a very successful outing. I'm glad I did it. Now I am about to have Yet Another Yarn Project going - crochet hat. In the fiber world we call these UFO's = UnFinishedObjects. I have way too many and, you know what? I totally do not care.

Oh and I also took what is now my very favorite selfie.


up date

The Trader Joe's banana cake is not my Mom's banana cake (a picture of which can be found in the dictionary to illustrate PERFECTION), but, it is several steps above Pretty Darned Excellent.

I cannot even find it on their website which tells me it is very likely seasonal and/or soon to be gone so ... tomorrow, I'll be going back to get some more.

This afternoon I'll be carving out storage room in the freezer.