November 23rd, 2018

I gotta get outta this place...

"This place" being in front of this computer. It's costing me buckets. My Twitter feed, alone, is draining my wallet this morning and it's not yet 8 am!!

Just now, I signed up for Hulu. $.99 a month for a year. ThankYouVeryMuch And just in time for the December TV drought.

Hopefully, I'm done for now. Spending, I mean. I can only afford to save so much, you know.

The other day, I set up my Echo Show to have a background slideshow of photos. Only it didn't work right. It showed a couple and then just stuck on one. I googled. Turns out, known issue. No fix. Oh well. Then, yesterday, it started working and it's still working today. Very cool. It's a album in Amazon Photos of stuff I've collected. Now when I find something fun, jpg-wise, I'll just pop it into the album.

It's a very rainy day here so far. There's a Christmas parade scheduled for downtown. It's kind of a pitiful parade on a good year but this year, it's probably going to be kind of sad. The summer nighttime parade comes all the way down here but the Christmas one stops somewhere between here and the center of town.

Today is the one day that for sure that I did not need to make sure I was at the gym when it opened. There will be no traffic jam on that bridge any time today. But, of course, I woke up at 4:30 ready to go. So I went. There were three of us there when the doors opened. All three every day regulars. There was no one in the pool except me. Another regular came in just as I was leaving. And, yep, no traffic.

I've got no big plans for today. There will be sewing. And maybe a quick trip to Grocery Outlet then I think maybe I'll spend some quality time with Hulu.


Osmosis wins

I've been sitting here for 45 minutes trying to decide if I wanted to go to Grocery Outlet or maybe go over to 13 Coins for dinner or maybe eat what's already in my freezer/fridge. About the time I decide to get up and go, I reopen the debate. I think I'm going nowhere.

Well, not true. I am going to take my boxes down to the dumpster. And then come back and sit on my ass. And eat out of the fridge/freezer. And probably watch Hulu. And crochet.

Last June, my neighbors across the hall moved out of their condo to renovate it. Their unit was pretty gorgeous. And the kitchen and bathrooms had already been renovated plus they had a study with beautiful built ins. It took them for freakin' ever to finish. But, they moved back in today.

And I got to see. They made some radical changes. They built in THE most beautiful closet I have ever seen in my life. It is heaven with perfect lighting. It really is amazing. And they uncovered some amazing beams. This building was built in 1909. As a railroad warehouse. Throughout there are these enormous timbers - 18" square. You can see them down in the garage. My neighbors pealed back the walls and stripped the timbers so they are now a focal point of their unit and it really is stunning.

But then then covered 3 walls in fake brick. ??? And had these weird looking kind of ornately appointed built in shelves and cupboards that are all painted a dark gray. It's really weird. It's really hard to see why it took them 6 months - heck, any one of those HGTV makeover people could of done it in 30 minutes.

I am glad I got to see it. The curiosity has been intense.

I got my flannel shirt done. I don't love it. I'm saving that nice plaid for a better pattern.

Now it's nearly 4. I think I'll take those boxes and then pick up some mess and then settle in for the evening.