November 14th, 2018

A swimsuit day

I think today will be Make A New SwimSuit Day. I have four in rotation. One is showing signs of decline and I love the other three and want to keep them going as long as possible. I have three (maybe four) pieces of swimsuit fabric in the stash and enough liner fabric and elastic. So I think that's a good project for today.

Also today is a little cooking. I'm tired of breakfast tacos. I think I'm going to make a breakfast casserole that I can portion out for nuking in the morings. And maybe a little quiche for lunch.

I'm am going to try and avoid going outside. We have some air quality issues. Not nearly as bad as a lot of California but bad enough for someone with COPD who's not that fond of going outside anyway to use as an excuse not to.


I have plenty to keep me occupied and entertained right here.


A picture's worth...

I made a breakfast casserole. Tatertots, mushrooms, egg, cream and sausage. I meant to add cheese but forgot and didn't have pan room anyway. I haven't tasted it but I'm hopeful. A week of breakfasts.

IMG_20181114_111210 IMG_20181114_122145

And then I made a swimsuit.Collapse )

In other news my cat is eating me out of house and home. She gets on these eating binges, fortunately not terribly often, where she has to have wet cat food every time I get up from my chair. Today, alone, she's eaten a week's worth and it's not yet 3 pm.

I was thinking about a trip to Starbucks for one of those holiday drinks but then remembered the air. The meter says it's a little better but why risk it. I think I'll just take the trash down to the dumpster instead. Fun times.