November 13th, 2018

Bright like me

I got an email yesterday from the Mariners saying single tickets will go on sale to season ticket holders on Thursday. (They go on sale to everyone else on Saturday.) So I touched base with my brother and nephew to firm up what games we wanted. Then I checked the details. Hmmmm the tickets actually go on sale at midnight which means that the Boston people will have a 3 hour head start Thursday morning. OH no. Do I stay up til midnight to make sure I get good seats??

I chewed on this for two fucking hours until it finally dawned on me that the number of people in Boston looking to buy single tickets on opening weekend AND who are also Mariner season ticket holders... might not be a huge number. DOH.

Moving on.

Yesterday I had some chicken salad in a glass container in the fridge and I pulled it out for lunch. Before I could even get it dished out,however, I dropped it. The glass container broke and the chicken salad splated. I have a rug over tile in the kitchen but most of the mess was on the tile. Getting down on all fours to clean it up was not too bad but getting up again was a problem. I've noticed lately that my fat old body is losing abilities right and left. I am not only more inclined to drop shit, picking it up is more of an issue. It's a double whammy. I'm sure I could fix it with exercise, but I'm not sure that's a price I'm willing to pay.

As if to bold face the directive, however, I did step on a sliver of glass this morning. I got it out of my foot quickly and easily and got out the vacuum cleaner but still... clear messages.

Oh they got the towel situation resolved at the gym! Already. Nice

I think today is Walmart day. There is no Walmart near here. There's one about 20 minutes south. And one about 40 minutes north and one about 20 minutes east. I think I'm going to the east one. There used to be a great Jewish restaurant next to it but sadly, they closed. But, at least that means there's no reason to wait until lunchtime.

I am mainly after fabric - fleece. And general shopping. I figure this week is my last chance for any Walmart sanity until January.


I made myself LOL

I had a great and enjoyable trip to Walmart. The store was really empty so I wandered around unfettered by anything or anyone. I found some acceptable fleece and other interesting stuff. Some excellent cat deals - food, litter, a scratcher which I do not need right now but will so I'll just store it until I need it. Just good finds all around.

I enjoyed seeing all the Christmas stuff. I'm ever so grateful I don't have to buy any of it or decorate but it was fun to just see all the stuff.

And I got the nicest checkout lady. There was an old guy behind me buying a watch. I had a cartful of crap so I suggested he go ahead of me. He was really really really grateful. He was buying the watch for his own birthday present. His 60th birthday. Ok so maybe he wasn't so old. He sure looked it. ha.

Then I stopped at Burger King for lunch. I hadn't been to a burger king in for freakin ever. Those fries were delicious! And the Whopper wasn't bad either. I sat in my car and ate lunch while reading my book. Lovely.

Next stop was gas and the closest easiest station turned out to also be a Big Bear Car wash so I got my car washed!

On the way home I was reviewing how lovely the trip had been and all the stuff I got and how I hadn't even spent that much money with the gift card.

Wait. Gift Card! Had I remembered to use it? Wasn't that the point of the trip? To use up that damn gift card before I lost it??? And, nope. There it was in the bottom of my purse.

Hahahaha I'm such a dunce! Oh well. Guess I'll have to make another trip. I don't think the card expires. I'll probably expire first.

My ear is broken again. Same thing as last time. Not inner inner ear but just inside the ear. It's sensitive to pressure above my jawline. I wish it would go away and never come back.

Since last week, the football stadium has had the Auto Show. They brought in a bunch of dirt and made 'hills' for the cars to climb. Today they are moving those hills out and Thursday night football in. Busy Busy.