November 8th, 2018

Holy Software/Hardware/Tech Batman

Well, I just absolutely slayed/minced/fucked away 3 solid hours. On the up side, I had no plans so I had the freedom to fuck them away but still. It's my Delphin swim music player/lap tracker. It's actually a little android device (very older version of android) that plays my Spotify music while I swim. It the same outfit makes a wonderful (when it works) bit of software that speaks into my ears every 5 laps and tells me how many laps I've done, how much time has lapsed and how fast my last lap was.

It's a tiny thing with a tiny screen that when it works is amazing and when it needs anything is a major PIA. It didn't like something this morning, so I used my backup player with no lap tracker. When I got home from the pool, I got out the Delphin and stared poking. It was time consuming and tedious. I finally ended up doing a factory reset and got everything working but the lap tracker. Finally, I stumbled on an older version of the app that does everything I need and it worked so YEAH.

The charging cable is failing and the old software will be gone soon and I'll be back in a pickle. BUT, I was one of their first customers and I did some testing for them so the guy who owns the company knows me and he'll step up, I hope.

And that wasn't even the first glitch of the day! When I got to the gym there was a sign that said the pool will be closed tomorrow from 5-6 am for maintenance. Now, since I'm the one and sometimes the only one there from 5-6 every day, I took this a little personally... on the up side, I'm glad they are doing maintenance and I'm glad they gave us a 24 hour warning. (The last time, which was the first time ever that the closed the pool for maintenance, they gave a 10 minute warning. I was done so no biggie but still.)

So tomorrow is a problem. My backup pool is also closed for maintenance so I think this will be a good time to try out Option C. Option C is a fabulous pool about 20 minutes from here. It's huge and, unlike mine, has a deep end which is fun. They have laps from 5:30-7 which is a decent amount of time. The problem is that once I'm done, getting home from there in rush hour traffic will suck big time. But, one time won't kill me.

And, if it does, then I won't do it again. (yeah I get that makes no sense)

My haircut is just horrible. I really screwed myself over there. BUT it will absolutely grow out. christina_maria has me thinking do it yerself with youtube and clippers. Heck, I'd Flowbee except I don't have a vacuum with a hose. I certainly can't do worse than this.

On the bright side, it's a great time of year to be wearing hats. So... today's project in the sewing room will be to make head gear out of those fleece scraps!

My el-cheapo chromebook comes today. I do hope it works well enough for what I want.

Here in the 'hood we have a Major League Soccer playoff game tonight. Happy soccer people are really fun to be around. In the baseball world, the Mariners are moving players around - my favorite catcher is going to Florida. But, he lives there so he's glad and his quotes about leaving are so gracious and kind, it's hard to be pissed. I'm sure he's just the first of many shoes to drop - yeah, fucked up that metaphor. Got it.

Now that half the day feels like it's gone, I think I'll get dressed. At least I won't be wasting any time doing my hair.



I heard from the guy who's the head of the company that makes my swim player. Yep, he had a morning worse than mine. He ran into the same issue. And knew that anyone else who updated would, too. Like moi. He says the fix will be done quickly.

It actually looks like it has been already but I'm not going to try it - at least not today. Mine is working now and I want to keep it that way.

Plus now he has taken down the old one - the one that for sure works. The new one does more but I don't need/want more so I'm just going to use this one until I can't.

Anyway at least I wasn't responsible for the break and to everyone who ran into it. I am getting a new charging cable out of the deal. Mine's getting twitchy.

My new computer came today. And... It's perfect! It's a great size. With a fabulous little keyboard that is very easy to type on. The listing said there were imperfections (it was an Amazon Warehouse Used/Reconditioned purchase). I can't see any imperfections at all. Excellent $200 spend. I do so love how easy it is to go from box to all set up with a chromebook. During this process I kept running into various small and thin Windows laptops. NFW do I want that kind of overhead. I have one Windows machine that I keep for when I have to have one and that's it. Gimme chrome any day and every day, thanks.

I made 3 fleece beanie hats. Each slightly different. I put one on for a while and discovered that I really liked having a warm head! So I left it on. It's a Mariner's one. This could be good.

I should go out and take a walk but I have lazy-itis. I should pick up all those leaves off the terrace but I have lazy-itis. Maybe I just will sit here and watch something on TV.

Lemons. You could easily write a few paragraphs about lemons.

zyzyly thew down 7 gauntlets and this was the first.

Lemons aren't my very best thing but not my worst either. I like lemonade once in a while. I like lemon zinger iced tea once in a while. I think the smell of lemons is fairly pleasant. But mostly I love their color.

Lemon yellow is a wonderful color that stands on its own or brings out the best in others. I like its bright. I like its perky.

Two paragraphs does not make a few BUT when you add a paragraph about how many paragraphs there are you get three which clearly, in anyone's book, is a few.