November 4th, 2018

What??! No swim?

Yep. I did not go swimming today. I had a long list of reasons - ear, Seahawks, weekend pool people and I think I just needed/wanted a day off. And so I got myself one. And I took myself to a little French restaurant for breakfast.

They have a very acceptable, bordering on very good, Croque Madame and they open early. There was no one on the streets at 7 this morning. I found an easy parking space (which is a feat for this restaurant). I was their first customer so pick a seat. And then I learned that until 9 am, their menu is limited and Croque Madame ain't on it. Bummer. I had ham and cheese or, more fancily, oeufs plats jambon fromage. It's an easy dish to prepare correctly but apparently their chef was still asleep. The eggs were overcooked. But it was ok.

I took the long way home because it is fun to drive around in the city when no one is on the roads. And I still got back home way before the Seahawks madness and before they started closing off the streets.

So a fairly successful outing. I may do it again sometime. I just looked at the Seahawks schedule and today is their last 1 pm home game for the season. Weird. Seems like they've had way more than that in the past. Oh well, evening/night games are far handier for me so okdokey.

But, I'm absolutely doing the skip swim/breakfast early and out again. Nice change.

And, yeah, it means I concede my Garmin challenge to Paul H. I was ahead all week until last night. He knocked me down but good. I woke up this morning and he had taken a lead that I could not possibly catch. So good on him.

It's a lovely breezy rainy morning here. The leaves on The Tree That I Hate are giving up the ghost. I think we're 2 maybe 3 storms away from my being able to check on the welfare of my across the street neighbors again.


I never set the clock in my car for the time change last Spring. I am now rewarded for my lack of effort.

Today's big project is sock science. Using the exact same pattern, I managed to make both the perfect pair of socks AND also a pair that is not even close to perfect. I'm guessing it has to do with the direction of the fabric stretch. I need to study and figure out the how and why. Before I make more.

Also, the pumpkin pie at Trader Joe's? 100% underwhelming. I think they forgot the spices. I'm going, probably this week, to try Costco's.

You lose! In the nicest possible way.

I usually average between 11,000 and 13,000 'steps' a day. About 8,000 of them I get from swimming. Garmin translates. Today I'm looking at fewer than 4,000. But it's been a lovely day.

I made a lot of socks - not all successful but some were. I'm still not sure of what the trick is. A work in progress. I gave up and switched out the thread in my machines to get ready for the next project - a flannel shirt.

I was just sitting down to think about what to do next, when Frank called. "Wanna meet for coffee in an hour?" YES!! For various reasons, I hadn't seen Frank to catch up in ages. We had a great visit and made plans for adventures.

Now I'm home with a cat draped across my arm. I cleaned the kitchen. I took a load of trash down to the dumpsters.

There will be breakfast for dinner tonight but first I think I'll watch CBS Sunday Morning.

The coffee shop had a fabulous exhibit up by an artist named Jenny Fillius. I came home and looked her up. She works with tin bits and they are amazing. I'm going to go back tomorrow and look more closely. I may have to come home with a piece.

Oh and the Garmin challenge?

Paul H. 86,054
Me 71,201

There are 7 hours left but my ass is done for the day.