October 30th, 2018

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When I got back from the pool, my phone said it only had 42% battery left??!!! It had been off the all night wireless charger for 2 hours and change. Did my new phone have battery issues????

Then I dug around in the settings to discover that while it sat on the charger overnight, it did not charge. So my dismay about 42% battery life turned to delight! My phone can be on all night (showing that clock) and still have half a battery in the morning. Amazing! (But, self, do remember to make sure it's charging at night.)

There's a big Apple event going on - new products. I love Apple events. All kinds of new tech and it will cost me exactly $0.

In 2005, I redid the interior of this condo. As part of that, I had a small track lighting fixture installed over the day bed in the guest/sewing/spare/other room. It has 5 MR16 halogen bulbs in it. The light stays on 24/7 and is dimmed a bunch - kind of like a night light.

One of the bulbs burned out about 2 years after install and I replaced it. This morning the other 4 went. 13 years. Man, some stuff just does not last! hehehehe. Guess I'll have to go blow another $2 each but, likely for the last time. I've got no desire to live til the age of 83.

This morning I swam with regulars but they were all off schedule. Matt usually comes in with me and swims in the next lane. Today he didn't get there tile 5:30. Karen's husband (who's name I can never remember) usually gets there about 5:30 but today was in the pool by 5:05. Blue trucks guy, who comes in at 5:45 every day, came in at 5:25 today. It was WHACKO!

While I'm out buying light bulbs (yeah, Amazon has 'em, for delivery today but, I think I'll throw Home Depot a bone... just because), I'll drop off a Google return. I bought the Home Hub but, it just doesn't not do it for me. I can get the same function from my phone, the plug's too fat for my outlet and while it does have a loverly slide show function, it will only show my own photos. I want to see good photography, not my swimming pool selfies! So back it goes. The FedEx drop off spot shares a parking lot with Cash N Carry so I'll pop in and pick up some Diet Dr. Pepper (they always have it on special).

And I'll pick up lunch. Blazin Bagel lox and all the fixins OR Subway. That's going to be a last minute snap decision.

Happily all those places are within a few blocks of each other.

Also today I'm going to start on a new top that I dreamed up while I was swimming. Now that all The Coats are done, I'm free to play. My next projects are going to be, I think, using up my fabric stash. Maybe not the nice, big pieces but the leftovers. That's today's top. Leftover Tunic.


well, looky there!

I got all my errands done and only forgot one (inconsequential) thing. Lunch was Subway. It's been a long time since I've had a subway sandwich so it was nice to catch up with an old friend but I also now remember why I don't go out of my way to find a Subway when I want a sandwich.

Home Depot had a ton of staff on hand in a store where usually it's hard to find anyone for any kind of help. I asked one guy a question and he was not only very helpful, he was sharp and witty and fun! In an orange vest. Cool. I replaced the halogen bulbs with LED's which were a lot cheaper (they are subsidized by the power company).

When I got home and got up there to replace them I made 2.5 discoveries. The light fixture isn't really fixed to the ceiling too well. Dangly-ish. But I got the bulbs in and the lights work so the dangly issue can wait until my brother comes in January. I also discovered the ceiling was filthy with soot - from the halogen lamps? It might need to be repainted but it might just wipe off. I'm staying away from it until the fixture is fixed.

My TV chair needs some more back support sometimes. I've been using a small back pillow which kind of does it. But, when I got up on the day bed to change the bulbs, I found the pillow that came with the chair! I wasn't fond of the covering so I just hid it behind some other pillows on that bed.

It's a nice, long pillow that will fix the back issue perfectly.

A while back I started crocheting a table runner. I had some vague plans about using it in the hallway. But when I brought the pillow to the chair, the runner was right next to it and... OMG, I can totally make that runner into a pillow cover!


It was too long on one side so I ripped the too long part off and now I'll square up the one side and then do another and stuff that pillow right in there.


And I got good sewing done And I'm ahead in my Garmin challenge. I mention the latter because it's quite clear that situation is temporary. Paul H is going to leave me in the dust here pretty soon. Sigh.