October 27th, 2018


I'm getting slower and slower in my swimming. I honestly don't care, I just think it's interesting. Since I swim the same yardage every day, slower means more swimming so win? The pool wasn't terribly crowded. I did have to share with a lane hog but only for about 15 mins. Then, the rest of the time I was free to mind wander.

I needed to grocery shop after my swim but thought I'd be better off with a little breakfast first. I went into a French bakery and got a pastry and coffee. The pastry was a very bad bake (watched too many 'best' baking shows? I'm watching the latest Canadian version now). I didn't even finish it. The grocery had a power outage last night and they had tossed out all the perishable foods so while I found everything I wanted, it was easy not to get more since the shelves were bare.

Also I may do some laundry. And crochet and TV. So a Normal Day here at SDHQ.

Hard won victory

Thread. Yes. Still but maybe now for the last time. The raincoat fabric is purple on one side and neon green on the other. As it's not lined, I want it nice inside so I want to serge the seams. The green part will be the inside so I need green thread for the serger.

This is what I ordered from Amazon about a lifetime ago. Well, ok only 16 days ago. $14.30. Although Amazon says it was shipped - I've not seen hide nor hair of it. Finally, Friday, I gave up and went to the fabric store that always pisses me off and, of course, they did not have any serger thread in any color closed to what I want. So I spent $12 on regular thread.

Serger thread is different than regular thread but close enough and my manual says I can use it. Except, my trials this afternoon proved that yeah maybe but not a plan. I do not want to risk harming my serger or annoying myself so badly that I hate the raincoat. So I went back online to see who had neon green serger thread. I found a couple of places. It's pricey and with shipping even more so plus, I wouldn't see it any time soon. But, wait... Google says JoAnne's has it.

I looked at the JoAnne's site and yes, they not only have it but there are 8 cones at the Ballard store.

I gave a passing thought to going tomorrow after my swim, but then decided to just go. Get the damn thread and be done with it. So grabbed my purse and headed out.

First of all there was massive traffic everywhere. Particularly between here and Ballard. What is usually a 15-20 minute trip took 45 minutes. Traffic. Zero parking and OMG JoAnne's on a Saturday afternoon??? There should be warning signs outside the store.

The lines for everything were long. I had thought I'd get some swimsuit lining fabric but the line to cut fabric was really long and full of pissed off people. So I got my thread and got into the massively long checkout line. Which ended up going pretty quickly and ending with the sweetest and most cheerful guy on the planet.

It took another 45 minutes to get home but I'm there now. I have thread. And so all is well. Adventures!!!