October 26th, 2018

Blow, baby, Blow!

We had some wind earlier this week but the leaves on The Tree That I Hate were green (or their usual ugly dusty greenish) and clinging to their limbs like they were laughing at me. But today, we have wind and rain and some of those ugly greenish leaves are turning yellow... Your days are numbered TIH!! Soon I'll have my view back at least for a few months.

This morning, during my swim, I reviewed, in my head, the next/final steps in my coat project. I think I've got 'em but I also conceived a plot whereby I can proceed with my plan and double back if needed without having to sacrifice fabric.

Still no thread for the raincoat but I am now officially giving up. I will eventually get my $15 back. it's kind of a pick your battles thing. This is a 3rd party (not direct Amazon) order so reparation is doable but complicate and not worth extra steps. I can buy the thread at the fabric store up the street. I do not like giving them business but I want the damn thread :)

I need a haircut but can't make myself go. Maybe I'll take to wearing hats.

When I opened my phone this morning to check in at the gym, I saw an alert. LA Fitness's app has never ever had an alert for me on it. Turns out the app thinks my 'home' gym is the LA Fitness in Ballard. AND the alert was to tell me that that LA Fitness is going to close for renovations for TWO weeks! This is good info to know in case I needed to use that pool but the big message is that they do this at all. Close for two weeks! What if they closed my LA Fitness for two weeks??!! Yikes. Oh well, glad to have the info. Forewarned is forearmed and all that.

I think I've made my tablet decision. After trying a slew of others and sending them all back, I have decided to stick with new and get the Pixel Slate. The problem then comes to which one. Finally today, the guy at aboutchromebooks.com wrote a totally understandable piece explaining the various models. So now I know which one. I just need Google to actually start selling them!

I have a book situation coming up tomorrow. I will finish listening to Lethal White tonight. (Quite a good read, btw.) so will need a new book on Saturday. BUT, my next read is Dark Scared Night by Michael Connelly which won't be released until Wednesday. HMMMMM Seems there's a bit of a gaposis there. Maybe Dark will need to take a chair and I'll find another new one to start. I think, like Scarlett, I'll worry about that tomorrow.

The wind is really picking up... Fly away, leaves! Fly away!!


Done and done and not done yet

First the coat. It's exactly as I imagined it. And built for the coldest weather I'll see. In fact, I may not even ever be in weather cold enough. I do need to figure out a closure. I have a kilt pin for now. There are a couple of things I'd do differently if I were doing it again but there always are. Mainly, I love it.

Now, here's that knitting project that's been killing my arms. It's really a funny (peculiar not haha) piece. Basically a rectangle folded in half with a hole on either end. It's a great lap robe OR as seen here... a nice vest/shrug/cardigan?? It will look fine thrown over my gray chair and keep me warm when I need it. My very last bulky yarn piece ever. Satisfactory.


And I went out and bought some damn thread for the rain coat. I think I'll cut out the pieces tonight maybe. Now I think I'm going to watch some TV.