October 23rd, 2018

Knocking 'em down one by one - and other miscellany

Ever since I got my new phone, I've been fighting a losing battle at night. I got a fancy wifi charging stand that does all kinds of tricks but, turns out, it won't do the one trick I want and, in fact prevents it. I set the phone so I can see it and then set the screen to be one giant digital clock. I want to be able to crack one eye open just a bit and know what time it is. But the new stand wants so much more. I set it up, turn off all the options I could find, and it looked fine but I'd wake up in the middle of the night to see it had turned my clock off.

Finally, yesterday I hit on the magical options/sequence/tweaks and last night, I had my giant digital clock back all night while wireless charging. A win.

This morning, I cleared the check engine light before I left for the pool and it did not come back on. So far. Another win!

The tire light, however, did come back on but no flat. So kind of a win?

Yesterday morning, at 6:30 am, I put my Pixel 2 into the mail box to go back to Google for a trade in allowance. All day I kept checking the tracking number and nothing. Nada. Crickets. I had photographed the box with the address info and tracking number. My plan was to go back to the post office with the mail box is and ask what the deal was. But, this morning, the tracking number showed movement. Whew. I did not want to lose that package or the $325.

This stock market downturn is hitting my employer hard. My employer being the stock pile o' investments that I live on. I have a guy who is brilliant and kind and keeps all my investments safe and working hard in good times and bad. I know I don't need to worry. But, still I keep track with a little spreadsheet every day.

This is over two years time. The high point was 8/30/2018. The lowest point was 8/21/2017. I know better than to get too excited when the balance goes up. It's tougher to stay positive when the amount goes down. But, this chart helps me keep my feelings about it all in balance. But, it is still hard to shake that bag lady threat even when I know it is really not ever going to happen.

It is foggy again this morning but not as bad. I can see the stadium at least.