October 17th, 2018

eyes have it

My grandfather had two brothers. One had macular degeneration which he picked up at an early age and spent his later years in darkness. My grandfather suffered horribly from glaucoma back when the only treatment was a pat on the head. He hurt so much for so many years plus he couldn't see shit. Their brother was a nationally prominent opthamologist. Karmic humor? Not that funny, actually.

The older I get, the more I fear big fat eye bombs. Maybe that's why I hate going to the eye doctor. But I have great eyes. I saw everything I ever wanted easily until the age of 45ish. Then I used reading glasses and mono vision contacts for a while. Then I got cataracts and had them removed and replaced with mono vision lenses and it's been gravy ever since. I use a magnifying glass sometimes to rip out stitches when the thread and the fabric are the same color. Otherwise, my eyes work great unassisted.

And, still, every time I have to go to the eye doctor, I know he's going to tell me, I'm looking at the last days/weeks/months of seeing.

But... not today!!!! No signs of diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma or anything else. Have a nice day.

He does want to do some kind of mapping for glaucoma because of grandpa but in six months. But, for now, I'm good as good. Whew and yeah!!!

Except my eyes are still dilated and that's a bit disconcerting.

I got a shipping notice for my new phone. It will be here Friday. Nice.

This time last year, my pool got icky. They just weren't maintaining it so I went pool shopping and joined a different gym with a fabulous pool. I swam there for November and December before the chemical mix in the pool had a big old fight with my lungs and I had to quit which was fine because my old/current pool got their shit together and it was no longer icky.

This little jaunt through history is because I just read that around midnight last night, an RV ran into the gym, on the pool side, and caught fire. BFD. Pool closed for probably a good while while they repair the structural damage. The gym is surrounded by RVs that people live in. It's a homeless camp on wheels. The gym owners and members have been bitching about it for several years now. Another one of those RVs crashed into the non-pool side of the building a couple of months ago. The owner/driver of last night's RV disappeared immediately upon impact.

If I was still swimming there, I would have arrived this morning about 4:45 to that mess and be without a pool for godknowshowlong. I sent a sympthy note to my friend, Barrie, who swims there and suggested we get together for breakfast or lunch since she now has extra free time.

Today I have errands. I need potatoes and tortillas from Grocery Outlet. I need to return a package at Amazon so while I'm in the area, I think I'll treat myself to a bagel/lox/the works sandwich at the bagel place.

And I may start on a new swimsuit. Two of my favorites are losing their will to live. So I'm easing them out of the rotation for now. I have the goods - fabric/lining/elastic - on hand to make new ones and I might just get going on that today. Or work on my crocheted socks which are coming along nicely.


pissed at me

I can have a bit of a sharp tongue. When I'm tired or already frustrated I can tend to take it out on whoever happens by me. This is never good but it's particularly odious when it's someone who's just not personally equipped to handle any kind of complicated interaction.

Our building manager is such a person. And I snipped at him today. Yes, he said something stupid and yes, he responded to my question with an answer that made no sense but in any run - long or short - the matter under discussion is inconsequential.

What is consequential is that I was mean to him. Under no circumstances is that acceptable at all. And my apologizing would make it worse for him.

I'm very pissed at me.