October 9th, 2018

Multi tasking

I've got the Google announcement streaming while I write the entry. I've decided on a crazy plan. I'm going to order a new tablet, a new phone, a new chromebook and a wireless charger. And then, after thought and discussion and review, I'll cancel what I decide is not that smart a plan.

Right now they are talking about Google Home. At least there is that whole line of stuff that I have no interest in. Early on OK Google and I were quite chummy. But as they changed their end, they left me in the dust. I've wasted way too much time in the car screaming at the fucking fone for directions and having Google not answering or answering incorrectly. Give me Alexa any day.

I found a new Instagram thingie today. They now have badges. You can create your own badge or scan one to add an account to your feed. That's petty handy.


Ok, the google event is over. I got all caught up in it. I ordered a new phone, 2 charging stands (bedroom and living room) and earbuds. I would have ordered the new tablet but the only thing they offered was a wait list. So I joined that. I will probably cancel the earbuds and one of the charging stations. I have a magnet car doc that I love. The new phone has wireless charging and I also love that. Can't have both. So now I have to reconsider the car doc situation. Ugh. And I need to order a new case.

New phone should be here a week from Friday. Yeah!!

Ok so back to real life. I need to make some breakfasts today. The freezer has no more egg balls or egg tacos.

I did get all the teacups for the eBay sale packed up into one medium sized box. With zero room to spare. But it's done and ready for the address label. Today's walk may well be back up the post office in hopes that it's open today and I can get a couple more boxes to have on hand.

Ok, it is now 11. I have been writing this entry for 3 hours. I am going to post it and move on with my life. Also, I need to go hang up my swim suit.


Random stuff

I have no idea why I did but I just looked up the Yelp reviews for my gym and holy christ. It stop being an amazing place about two months after it opened in 2015. It has, at times, been pretty scummy. This past year, it's been the same. Not terribly clean, massive staff turnover, holes in the ceiling, random stuff broken... I'm not one single bit fastidious but no way in hell would I shower without shower shoes on. The pool has been really pretty darned good since February when I started swimming there every day again.

But, the Yelp reviews for the last six months? OMG it's hard to believe the health department and criminal court system haven't made them close down. The reviews describe a place that is toxic in both bacteria and management. They make me ever so grateful that the pool is fine and continues to be fine.

I found out that the new phone comes with exactly the earbuds I ordered. BUT they won't let me cancel the order so I'll need to refuse delivery which will be ok unless they use Ontrac like they did last year. But, at least it's not a big shipping deal.

Otherwise, I kind of just futzed this day away with little things but I blew off my walk around the block. Bad Me. I did get stuff picked up so the house cleaner can clean tomorrow.