October 7th, 2018

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It appears that everyone got their swim on yesterday. Today the pool was near deserted. I'm thinking maybe Sundays during football season will be ideal swimming. Except also today, my swim was a bit of a slog for no good reason. I swim 1800 yards every day. Today, at about 1500 I was ready to quit. I carried on an inner conversation about it. Why 1800? because it's a mile rounded up. But why a mile? It just sounds good. Who checks? Nobody. If you quit at 1500 what would happen? Nothing? Who would know? no one. etc etc Until, of course, I'd done the 1800.

I could easily go down to 1500, for instance, and it would not matter one bit. Except, probably, sooner or later, at 1300, I'd be like why 1300? Why not 1000? etc. So... Maybe I tell myself that I swim 2000 miles every day except the days when I quit early at 1800.

I cannot trust myself. I am a liar and exaggerator.

I sauteed some mushrooms, onions and apple in some butter and then added two eggs scrambled with cream. It was delicious. Except, in my CleanOutTheFreezer project, I used up the last of some rye bread for toast. I'll be picking these damn caraway seeds out of my teeth for a week. But the freezer is actually shaping up nicely.

I have a drippy nose. I had it all last winter. I inherited from my mother (thanks, Mom). This past Summer, it disappeared and it was heaven! I saved a fortune on boxes of tissues and, more importantly, the skin around my nostrils lost it's scaly red texture and started to match the rest of my face. Well, summer's over. And I'm back in drip mode. Dammit.

I got a lot of little things done yesterday. Almost everything on my list. I have one leftover that I'll take care of as soon as I get up. Then it will be time to start a new list.

I'm really looking forward to Google's hardware announcements. I want a new 7" tablet, a backup chromebook and a phone. I'm guessing they will not announce a small tablet. I think their chromebook offering won't do me as well as the pixelbook I have now. The phone is a question mark. I'm guessing it will have one feature or another that will suck me in. Once I have the info, I'll probably get the Samsung tablet and maybe even a second, pixelbook just like the one I have now - assuming the prices drop nicely.

Regardless, I've got my eyes on Tuesday.

Zoey's all curled up around my arm and purring like a champ. And my watch is still charging so I think I'll kill a few minutes playing a game before I get up and clean up the kitchen, do that last chore and then hit the sewing room.