October 5th, 2018


I do a lot of shopping with Amazon. You can download, into a spreadsheet, all your purchases and I specifically do not do that because I find living in denial a lot more comfortable. Their rules and policies change often. Lately, I've discovered that if, when you return stuff, you select the 'credit to Amazon gift card' option - as opposed to having the refund go back to your bank account or credit card, the process is way faster.

Amazon puts your refund into a gift card the minute the carrier has it in their system. But, recently, I made a return and selected 'credit back to card' and it's taking for freakin' ever. They received the return two days ago and the return is still 'processing'. I will not be using that option again any time soon.

Today I have more shopping to do - online. I need to find another place to buy the yarn I want. I need a coat hook rack for the front hall. And there's a third thing that now I can't even remember.

I've got a lot of antique-y tea cups that were my grandmother's. They are not particularly valuable but some are unique and they are one of those things that would be hard to find if you wanted to. They seem a little too special for Goodwill.

I want the shelf space they are now occupying so I think I'm going to gather them all, photograph them and then post them on eBay in bulk. I need to get them all together and figure out a plan.

Apparently they are coming today to snake out the drain in my terrace. The workers are fine it's the building manager and board president who are working my last nerve.They prance around with 'oh this is such good news!' and nary a peep about when they are going to fix the hole they cut in my ceiling or my inside walls that were damaged by these leaks now nearly 2 years ago. I need to get my zen on for this.

But, first, I probably should go get my clothes on.


TV Fall 2018

24. This is Us - NBC - Season 3, Episode 1 - I'm looking for an excuse to cancel this Season Pass. This episode didn't give me one although it's surely not my favorite show or even close. The characters are all getting way too whiny.

25. I feel Bad - NBC - Season 1, Episode 1. NFW. Never made it to the first commercial break. No regrets.

26. Will & Grace - NBC - Season 2, Episode 1. I tried this last year too. For some reason I want to like this and just can't. I liked the first season of the initial run but then lost interest. I think I'm all the way over it now. Delete.

Set to be recorded:
Madam Secretary
The Rookie

To Be Continued