September 28th, 2018

I might just take the whole day off

Yesterday I got hit with a gout attack again and, in addition, some intestinal issues. I felt on and off fine and punk all day. It continued through the game last night. Most of it was great fun. The game itself sucked eggs. But, it was fun to see my friends.

The guy I met (at the beginning of the season) because we had the same shirt was there without his wife so we ate together. It was fun to have a dinner companion for a change. Erica and Julie, who sit next to me, only stayed for 5 innings but we all agreed we catch up next April. There's a guy who works for the casino that has the seats to my right - he comes about every 3rd game and he was there last night. Turns out he used to coach college baseball. He was fun to chat with.

And, since the game sucked and the team sucks, there was nearly nobody left when the game ended so getting home was crowdless.

I had already decided to turn off the alarm and if I woke up and wanted to, I'd go swimming if not, then not. I actually did wake up at 4:30 and decided not. And then woke up at 8. EIGHT!

My intestines seem as though they are behaving themselves today but I've still got a little of the gout. The problem with gout is that most often, it starts out as sore. But, if you ignore it, it can go to OMGIMGOINGTODIE with a heavy does of DONTTOUCHIT. Even a bedsheet on the foot can be excruciating. So. You really don't want it to get bad. Really. My foot is now wrapped in ice. Which, at least makes it feel better pretty instantly.

My plan last night, if I didn't swim early, was to go about 10 and then stop and pick up pizza for dinner at Pappa Murphy's who doesn't open til 11.

But, now that I'm up and it's 9:30, I'm thinking maybe I just take this whole day off. I may just sit here and play computer games and watch TV and knit and crochet. My tracker will be so disappointed in me but, I think I can live with that.

I may change my mind later. If I leave here before 1 pm, I can swim, get pizza and get back before the traffic gets too bad to make it worthwhile. I think I'm just going to keep my options open and not commit. And enjoy that I have the total freedom to do that.

Also thank you, nugget ice maker. You were way too expensive. You take up way too much counter space. You are so loud that it's obnoxious but your ice makes every drink of mine so much better and now you are fixing my foot. I love you in spite of all your faults.


I killed the part of the morning that I didn't sleep away but watching TV. Finally I decided to get off my ass and do at least one thing.

I decided to put my scooter away and unpack my game bag for the season. The scooter lives in one of my bedroom closets. In front of it on the floor are two plastic bins and a bag. I realized I had no clue what was in either of the bins or the bag and today was a good day to find out.

The bag, held bags!!! About 5 years ago Seattle outlawed store bags. But, at least 5 to 10 years before that, store bags were known as the Bag Of Shame. I have carried my own bags for at least a decade. This is amazing and depressing news.

I loved store bags and, for years, hoarded them. I saved every one and used them for tash and for storage. It has now taken 10 years to run out! Seriously. But, the bag in the closet held a bunch of old bags!! Yep, plastic and paper with handles. It was a treasure trove!! The End Of Bags has been postponed, at least a little bit.

The top bin had a bunch of dishes in it. When I reorganized the kitchen cupboards last year, these dishes went into the If I Don't Miss Them For A Year Then Goodwill Gets Them. Congrats, Goodwill!!

The second bin, however, held the big bounty...

A couple of weeks ago, I reorganized the closet that holds my clothes. I put the summer ones on the top shelf and the winter ones down where I could easily get to them. What was missing was all the fleece tops I made last year. I figured I gave them away at the end of the winter.

NOPE!!! They were all in that second bin!! FOUND. And now, in their rightful place on the everyday shelves. Whew. JoAnne's is having a big sale on fleece this weekend and I was going to go get some to make new tops. Now I don't have to. Saving a bundle there!


TV Fall 2018

7. The Good Doctor - ABC - Season 2, Episode 1 - Another medical show, so here I am. This one is massively flawed and strangely compelling at the same time. So here, I'll stay.

8. Murphy Brown - CBS - Season ? Episode 1 - I was very nervous about this. I was sure they were going to fuck it up or one of the old favorites would be too old to do it right. I was wrong. I still think it won't last because the audience (old liberal women) is too small, dying and/or gave up on TV. But it was good. Just the right touch. All of it.

Recorded so far but not yet watched:

This is Us
Chicago Med
Modern Family
Single Parents
A Million Little Things
Grey's Anatomy
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Set to be recorded:

The Cool Kids
God Friended Me
NCIS: Los Angeles
Happy Together
The Neighborhood
Will & Grace
Madam Secretary
Happy Together

To Be Continued

My Day

I literally did not leave this house today. I'm not sure how I even recorded 1,545 steps. But, it was a nice day.

My new thing is no crocheting for more than 30 minutes at a time while I'm finishing up this heavy vest with this hard to use yarn. So far, that seems to be working nicely.

I made breakfast burritos and I got some stuff organized. But I didn't shower or even run a comb through my hair. I'm not sure I'd like too many of these kinds of days but today was fine.

Tomorrow. Back to the pool. And then back to a place I went to once for breakfast and then could not find again. I found it! And then from there to the Dollar Store.

It's my plan.