September 24th, 2018

won two.five. i should stop while i'm ahead

Yesterday, I went to Humana Pharmacy website to refill some prescriptions. The credit card on file was my old one. I had not changed it yet because their website is such a nightmare to maneuver. It's very attractive - theirs and the main Humana site. Nicely laid out and a nightmare in terms of finding the content I want and/or trying to get anything done.

I kept getting timed out or errors without direction every time I tried. I switched to the app. No joy. I went to the Windows machine and used the Microsoft browser and was at least able to delete the bad card but not add the new one. Fuck me. So frustrating.

I left a whiny tweet about the problem and this morning it was fixed. Tried once, and success.

On to Capital One. A few weeks ago, their bill pay link started fighting with me. Click on it would take me back to the credentials page where I would log in and click on it and go back to the credentials page... I used the phone app a couple of times and then discovered that if I cleared out the cookies for all Capital One pages, it would work. Once.

This morning I finally figured out I could block all Capital One from saving cookies and that would fix it. I did and it did! yeah me.

My arm is MUCH better today. I felt it a little while swimming but not much and as I type this, it does not hurt at all. Whew. But, why. I did three things differently.

1. I did not crochet at all yesterday. (And, by the way, it's not just the crochet, I don't think. My current project is using some high priced yarn that is mostly cotton which has no stretch and so is very unforgiving to work with - knit or crochet.)

2. I moved my Kleenex box. To get a tissue, my right arm had to go up/down/around to reach the box which sat under the side table next to my chair. Yesterday when I reached for a tissue, my arm screamed. So I moved the box to the table top. No more screaming when I need to blow my nose.

3. I was very careful not to grab the side of the pool on my lap turns. I merely flattened my palm to stop myself and pushed off that way.

I have no clue which of these things made the difference, but we'll know soon enough. 2 and 3 can be permanent fixes. So when I pick up the crochet project and work on it again...

But, first, I have a shirt to work on and before that I need to get dressed, take a load down to the garbage dumpster and drop off a return in the UPS bin. Oh and tidy up the kitchen. Then sew.


(no subject)

Last week they put signs up all over my gym announcing one of their friends and family open houses. On Thursday, September 30. Not only is September 30 on Sunday, but they never ever have an open house on a non-holiday weekday. I keep wanting to tell them about their error and then stop. Why? No one I ever see working there has anything to do with those signs and probably could care less about them or the open house. Do I need them to know that they are wrong and I am right? Nope. And, still, every day I see the sign and want to not only tell them how wrong they are but do it at full snark. If they don't fix that fucking signs, there's a chance I'll burst.

I am in love with my dinosaur top.


I defy anyone to invisible old lady me in this!

I found a great new fabric shop in Canada. They have knit fabrics I've never seen anywhere and their prices aren't terribly outrageous (except that I want some of all they have and that could end up being a $$ issue). I placed an order last week and it arrived today. I love all the pieces. The green and blue print is swimsuit. The other little prints are to go with other fabrics I have on hand. But, see that jigsaw piece in the back? See those colors? Those colors disappear when the fabric comes i out of the sun! It's like mood ring fabric!!!


I wonder what I'm going to make with it? I think I'm just going to hang onto it until the exact right pattern comes along.

Now I'm going to get out my knitting and finish off the 2nd season of Jack Irish. Tonight starts the new fall programming. Be good to start with a clean slate. Plus, Acorn has the 3rd season of Jack so I have a fallback if needed. That's a really good show. It's the first Australian show that's caught my fancy. Probably won't be the last.

and another tablet bites the dust

The tablet I use to watch podcasts in the sewing room refuse to cooperate. If it were not an Amazon tablet, I'd fiddle with it and try to get coerce it back into play. But, I'm done with Amazon tablets. They are just not worth the trouble.

This time I did not go with Lenovo for replacement. I really need this one to be 7" or less and it really needs to accommodate an SD card but I don't care if it's an old OS and slow. So I found a reconditioned ASUS on Amazon and ordered it up.

Meanwhile I moved the living room tablet to the sewing room and the kitchen tablet to the living room. The kitchen is just going to have to punt til the new table arrives on Thursday and the tablet swap begins again.