September 18th, 2018

Today's the day

In the olden days, in the South, when Summer turned to Fall (which was generally at Halloween), you'd clean out the closet and put all the Summer clothes in the attic and then go to the dry cleaners and get your winter clothes to put in their place.

We (and everyone we knew) stored our winter clothes at the dry cleaner. They could clean then and then put them someplace bug free until we came and got them. Leaving wool clothes in your house over Summer (pre air conditioning) was an invitation for bugs to come eat giant holes in everything.

I haven't taken clothes to the dry cleaners in what feels like a hundred years. And it's not close to Halloween yet but... it's chilly enough to make today the clothes switching day.

My daily outfit is pants and top. All the pants are the same. Black knit pants with a right and pocket that fits my cellphone perfectly and is hidden just under my belly and a left hand pocket that works fine for keys or tissues. These pants work in summer and winter so they have a permanent spot in the closet.

But the tops get rotated today. I'll take out all the short sleeved tops and fold them carefully and neatly and then stack them on the top, hard-to-reach shelves where the long sleeved tops are living now.

The closet will look extra tidy and orderly for a day or two which will be nice but mainly, I just love the ritual. The change. The turning over of a new season. Today's the day and thankgod I don't have to wait until the end of October.

Yesterday it was chilly enough so that I had to close the door to the outside during the day. Nice. In the mornings, I toss a long knit dress over my swimsuit and wear that to the pool and back. It is made of thin fabric and has short sleeves. In the winter I switch it out for a log fleece robe. Tomorrow will be the first day of fleece robe season. I made a new one over the summer so now I have one for now and one from heavier fleece for really really cold.

So now I have the first of two load of laundry going. I may even strip the bed and wash the mattress cover today. We'll see.

Last week, for complicated reasons, Capital One replaced my main credit card. New number, new code, new expiration. This is the card I use for most online transactions. Fortunately, a couple of years ago when I had to replace the card, I started a spreadsheet of what card I have registered at what online places. Many of those places have recurring auto charges and have a total freak out if something's wonky with the card.

So last night I pounded through each site and updated the card info. Just as I got to the last one, I remembered that I had ordered an even newer card because of putting my picture on it. It will be here probably by Friday and will have a new code number so I will need to go back through all of these sites and do this whole dance number again. Sigh. At least I have the list.

Time to go tackle that closet.


Dear Me, WTF?

One of the happy byproducts of taking everything out of your closet and putting it back in again is that it is easy to Marie Condo stuff right into the Goodwill bag. I'm going to have to make a special run there this week. Some fat girl is going to lose her mind with all this good stuff. After spending 2 winters in a plastic bin, I finally decided that the gynormous box of really high quality thin knit sweaters and vests and turtlenecks needed to go. I am clearly never going to wear them again. They are corporate, fancy blacks and beiges. UGH. I emptied the bin. I filled four 13 gallon bags with clothes and fabrics. Guess we know where I'll be going tomorrow.

I have everything refolded and reshuffled or in the Goodwill bags except for the stuff still washing. It's break time.

And, there's a mystery. I had several - like 5 or 6 fleece tops that I made. And I cannot find one of them. Not one single one. Anywhere. The only thing I can figure is that I took them all to Goodwill but all of them??? I didn't love all of them - some were from before I discovered the best way to sew fleece and/or found good patterns for that type of fabric. But, all of them? Really? And they were pretty bulky so there are not a lot of places to stash them. I did look under the bed and in the only places where they could have gone. Weird. So weird.

Not really a biggie. Fleece fabric is easy to find - both fun patterns and solids. And it's cheap and fun to make stuff with. And now I can remake more tops that will be way better. But I'm still mystified.

Waiting now for the washer to finish so I can put in the last load. Did finally get that mattress pad washed. Gettin' 'er done here today!!