September 11th, 2018

If I ever retire, I'm going to...

All my working life, I never envisioned retirement. I never really thought about not working except when I needed spare time. I'd think, If I ever retire, I'm going to finally get organized, finally keep the house clean always, finally get around to [fill in the blank]. Had I thought about it, I would have assumed I would have taken care of all those things the first year.

But, guess what? I've now been retired six years and it never ends. (And, I can never believe that I've been retired that long. I have to look it up every single time. Thank you, LJ) Stuff keeps needing to be done. Like laundry. And finances.

Today I noticed that I have a credit card for which I do not have an account number. It's on the card and I have the card handy right now but what if the card got lost? Or if it was down in the car and I needed the info? Like expiration date or something. Even their website only has the last 4 digits.

So my little mini project this morning was to gather all of my credit card data into one space. The account numbers, the 3 digit codes, the expiration dates and the billing dates. All together and then copied over in a backup place. Done.

It's wonderfully cloudy and cool today with actual rain in the forecast! Looking out over the extended forecast, I can actually see no days where it gets up to even 70 degrees. This is my weather. Heaven. I could probably safely put the air conditioner away. But, this year's setup is so minimal compared to years before and the 'away' spot is now so much easier to move it in and out of, that there's really no hurry. I do need to drain it and I'm not sure how much of a deal that will be. I am going to investigate today so that if I need help, I can rope my house cleaner into helping me when she's here tomorrow.

I'm so looking forward to the benes of cool. Besides just the long sleeves and cozy clothes, there's saying buh bye to those pesky little bugs that enjoy the rest of Zoey's cat food that she doesn't eat. The water that I keep in the car will now always be deliciously cool.

On the down side, it also brings the end of easy spread butter. I love butter and I keep it in a covered dish on the counter. Soon it will not be easy to spread on a thin layer. But that's a small price to pay.

Hurricane foreplay is just torture. I live 3,000 miles from any place Florence might be considering affecting and even I'm feeling the stress. 1989 my parents lived in the middle of Hugo in downtown Charleston, SC. Their house was spared but their good winter clothes - stored at their dry cleaners - took flight and were never seen again. Many of the small businesses they used - Daddy's barber, Mom's manicure place and several of their favorite restaurants, never opened up again. I'm sure there are many many many people who still live where they lived when Hugo hit that are being tortured right now by the threat of Florence. Ugh.

It was only a few weeks after Hugo hit, that I experienced a 6.9 earthquake in northern California.

So... I'd like to go on record as being totally against Florence and also any major earthquakes near my home. In other words I'm ratcheting up the NIMBY.

A milestone

I got my first TiVo in 2000. I joined a farm of VCR's. I just don't like live TV. I've had a range of TiVos over the years - at one time I kept 4 of them busy in this house. My current one can record 6 shows at once.

Not long ago, howeird mentioned that his TiVo was empty. I think I had to read that sentence about 3 times until the meaning sunk in. I was a concept that I just never thought of. I always have had stuff on my TiVo that I know I will never watch. Just in case.

But, now that everyone HBO, Acorn Britbox, Hulu, etc. all have accounts you can easily sign up for and opt out of on a whim, I no longer have to watch inferior when-I've-watched-all-the-good-stuff stuff. I can watch good stuff any time I want. No need to even keep the junk.


(In the reflection you can see the patterns I was also working on today. I need to sew up the tester and then come back and refit the pattern.)

So today I went through and deleted it all. I had a long list of movies bookmarked and I went through the list and put all of them on my wishlists on Amazon and Netflix. I did cheat a little by moving a movie or two over to my backup/bedroom TiVo. But the living room is at 0%. The suggestion list is pretty much junk. And I'm not even sure I'm going to watch that Minimalist thing. I might and then I might delete it.

But, 0%?!! I feel so squeaky clean!!

The rain we were promised?? Turned out to be the invisible, arid kind of rain. AKA figment of weather forecaster's imagination. We get more of that kind of rain than any other kind around here.


Good and lucky

My Pixel C sold!! I had it listed on Amazon and Swappa. The Amazon listing was a major pain in the ass to create but, turns out, quite worthwhile! My share of the pie after Amazon's and the USPS's cut will be $545. That goes right into my Google Hope Chest to buy whatever it is they are going to announce on October 9.


I got the email at 3:45 but didn't see it til just after 4. Do I have a flat rate box?? Yep. Big enough? Yep. Should I buy the postage online or take it to the post office? Rush hour traffic to the good post office but I can haul ass up the street and probably get there before they close. What time do they close? 5. Ok.

I dig out the box, reset the tablet and clean it off. Happily, I still have the original boxes so packing it up was easy and it all fit into a medium flat rate box. I taped it up, slapped the label with postage on it, grabbed my pocketbook and sunglasses and headed out the door. The minute I opened the door to the street I saw the mail truck come to deliver!!! The mail carrier turned up a minute later and took the box right out of my hand and put it into the truck and off it goes. Easy peasy.

The lady in Redwood City CA will have it Thursday.

Some days ya just get lucky.