September 7th, 2018


It's now dark when I get out from the gym parking lot. I love it. I leave in the dark and get home in the dark and then watch the sunrise over coffee knowing the whole day is still ahead of me and I've already swam a mile. Yeah, I get that this happens when it's daylight, too BUT it just feels more invigorating to sneak off and swim and get home before the day starts.

One day something will happen to prevent my swimming. And that will be the end of me. I read a lot about end of life stuff and quality of life stuff. As people try to ascertain your true state they like to create a list of what means quality to you. Do you want to us to do everything in our power to keep you alive no matter what? What about if you could no longer live alone on your own?What if your life could be spared but you would be blind or deaf or unable to eat or unable to walk? etc.

Or upside down time. What if kale was toxic? Or low cal/low fat foods were really bad for you? Or nicotine was restorative? Or if working out and physical exercise had detrimental long term effects?

Those things are interesting for me to think about but I know this. If I cannot swim, I'm done. Whether it's good for me or not. Doesn't matter. Forget the rest. I've had a wonderful fabulous 70 year long life. To ask for more is greedy. Every single day now is a bonus but I need that bonus to come with an hour in the pool. Also for the record, I do not ever ever ever want to be resuscitated under any circumstances.

Wow that was a tangent.

Back to my other current obsession - cable TV and internet. I sent Katie the 'go' email last night. And then I went into TiVo and erased all my settings for shows/channels that will not be available to me once I deleted the expanded channel package. I discovered that even though I'm included in my brother's 'google family', I cannot share his youtubetv package after all. All family members need to live in the same place. (Yes, we can VPN cheat but no thanks.)

Turns out the list of shows I auto record on channels in the extended list is pretty short. 5 shows will no longer be available to me. 3 of them I've nearly lost interest in anyway. 1 of them may not even be coming back after all. And then, just this morning, I learned that Heidi and Tim are leaving Project Runway for Amazon. So that takes care of the list.

The cable modem I ordered will be here Saturday. My cable outlet is on the wall behind the TV. The fiber outlet is on the wall opposite with no way to cross. In the olden days this was a huge problem. It meant everything that needed an ethernet port had to be on the side of the room where the data came in but now, with my mesh router system, I've got one unit near the TV and one on the the other of the room - already set up and ready to go. Perfect.

This transition will be the easiest ever.

Tonight is the pre-penultimate Diamond Club game. I have this one and then one next week and the last one on the 27th. It's been a fun baseball season but I'm ok with its coming to an end this time. As part of my ticket package, I have a pass to be on the field tonight for Mariner batting practice but I'm not sure if I'll even do it. I need to get there between 3 and 4. The Diamond Club does not open until 5. The game starts at 7 and goes til 10 or 11. So... do I want to go at 3 and stay til 11 with only really half of those 8 hours with stuff to actually do/see? I could go at three, hang for 30 mins, come home and go back at 5 but do I want to? meh. I'll decide later.

Right now, I need more coffee.

Team Katie for the win

So this really turned into an amazing thing. I just finished sending Wave a letter about what a treasure Katie is for them.

Last night, in the email, I told her that whenever she could set up the install would be fine by me. Just set it up and let me know.

This morning at 10, she called. Uh oh. I hate calls. But, being Katie, she fixed that with her first words "I'm so sorry to bother you by calling but I just got an opening for installation this afternoon!"

I won't get the modem until tomorrow and I'm not sure when tomorrow so we booked the install for Sunday - 12-2. Then I went to put it on my calendar and saw there are two games - a football game and a baseball game that start between 1-2.[Edit: just discovered my calendar is wrong. the football game is in denver so the tech will be fine.] So I told her that her technician might not want to come then. "Oh, how nice of you to mention that but, no worries, our techs are on top of stuff like that and used to working around it. It will be fine."

So Sunday it is. We agreed to turn off the fiber internet on Monday and she'll send another tech to pick up that modem (the fiber guy and coax guys are like 2 different companies). And she told me that she was able to wave the $60 installation fee. All was settled and we hung up.

But, of course, being Katie, she wasn't done yet.

Five minutes later I get an email confirming dates and times and what will happen when with which account.

- I'll be getting $45 refund on the account we closing.
- Oh and she found a special deal for the local TV channels - $10 for the next 12 months (instead of the $30 I pay now).

So to recap.

- I currently pay $140 for TV (about 25 local channels + 75 extended ones I don't watch) and $60 for 100 mps internet.

$200 month - $2,400 for first year, $2400 for second year

- Thanks to Katie, I will be paying $70 for TV (local channels*) and $80 for 1000 mps internet.

$150 per month $1,800 first year $2,460 for second year

*During baseball season March-September there will be an extra $65 a month but also 75 more channels.

I'm pretty delighted.