September 5th, 2018


Every year, the week that school starts marks the week that the gym traffic escalates. There is way more activity this week than in January when everyone thinks the gym is crowded. The pool, this morning was full of serious swimmers, most of whom were regulars and a couple appear to be turning into regulars. I was on the road home before the real road traffic hit but it was building fast.

History also tells that this will all mellow out by the 1st of October and be cool until next year.

Also this time last year was when the pool got funky and turned green and I started pool shopping and moved to the one that nearly killed me. Ok, drama. But, still. I noticed last week that the pool was getting cloudier every day. There was a pool guy in the systems room one day so I popped my head in to ask him about it. He said he was on the fix. And, sure enough, he got everyone out (I was done) and did something that has it better every day now so Yeah!

There are only two things on my todo list today. One is to clean up the sewing room. I made a new wallet yesterday that was only a partial success but did manage to make a huge mess. When I finished the wallet I was too frustrated to clean up so today.

The second is to watch the last two episodes of Paranoid. It's a great story and I'm dying to know what happens.

I may slip up to Grocery Outlet but right now I can't remember what I wanted to get there so maybe not. There's a good chance that I could just piss this day away. On the one hand, I hate to waste one but on the other, hey, that's the beauty of retirement, yes? So why not take advantage once in a while?

It's supposed to be sunny and warm today and tomorrow. The last two days of Summer. Friday starts cloudy and cooler and it looks like next week we might even get some real rain!

I think I'll get on that sewing room and get that behind me.

Prompt: Name one thing you always wanted to do, but haven’t. What has prevented you from doing it?

(I am cherry picking here from a giant list I found - no rhyme or reason or schedule.)

I have always wanted to jump from an airplane and take a ride in a hot air balloon. I haven't done the former because I'm a chicken. I haven't done the latter because ... no good reason.

Once years ago - like early 80's - when I was young and idiotic enough to not be such a chicken, I came perilously close. I was out drinking with a bunch of friends that included my work friend, Peggy and her husband who's name I do not remember. We went late into the night with lots and lots and lots to drink and wild fun and conversation. Along the way, somehow my desire to parachute out of a plane came up. Peggy's husband piped up "Well, hey, I've got a pilot's license and a parachute and a plane... and time tomorrow morning! How about I swing by and pick you up about 10ish?"

I allowed as how that would be FABULOUS!!!! And that's how we left it at the end of the night/morning. Until I woke up the next morning. With a major case of WTF-itis. I called an cancelled.

I have always wondered if we would have gone through with it. Surely he wouldn't have taken up someone who had never done it before and just dumped 'em. Surely. But... I will never know.

I did do parasailing once and it was wonderful and amazing and beautiful and, if I ever run into another place that offers it up, I'll totally do that again anytime of the day or night. But parachute... probably not.

I do love hot air balloons. I love seeing them and I'd love to ride in one. Every once in a while I look up various balloon festivals and toy with going. And I never do. Mostly inertia-itis for that one.