September 4th, 2018

Tuesday, it's Tuesday. Tuesday. Not Monday

This morning's swim was so good. For the past few days there has been a very elderly Japanese couple at the pool every day. She mostly sticks to the hot tub. He, after donning a clearly very old fabric swim cap that ties under the chin, swims some laps and then gets out of the pool and does some calisthenics on the pool deck. And then swims some more.

About the second or third day that they came in, he gave me a big GOOD MORNING! And now, if I'm already swimming, he catches my eye and gives me a huge wave. There is just something so familiar about him, his cap, his wife and his wave and finally today, I realized that they used to swim at the same city pool that I did! They go to Japan for half of the year and then come back here. They must be just back and have now found LA Fitness and moved over here.

Tomorrow I will ask him to be sure. I remember his English was not great (way better, however, than Japanese) but he was so sweet and friendly. They both look like a good wind could break them but he's down on the concrete with those push ups. So cool.

I really wanted to like Making It (ABC's summer show). I've always liked Nick Offerman and the premise of people diy-ing shit is excellent. But, it just didn't Make It for me at all. The judges were stupid. Their critiques were so scripted they could have easily been written well ahead of any crafting at all. And that's just the top of the list of 42 things that were wrong with the show. I fast forwarded through the last two episodes and I gave up. The final episode is DIY wedding shit. Can't think of one single thing that could be of interest to me there. Sigh.

One day last week, I got the wildest wild hair. I was reading something about smells. The mental dots that smells connect. And that led me to remembering this great book - In My Mother's Closet; An Invitation to Remember by Eugenia Zukerman. And then my own mother's closet which I loved. And the smell of her perfume. For my entire life with her, she wore Madame Rochas which we all called Madame Roaches.

I decided to see if I could find some and treat myself to a smell. I found a reasonably priced ($12) on eBay advertised as nearly full. I don't need much. Just a whiff of Mom. It's scheduled to arrive today.

My latest Zappos shopping spree also arrives today. I'd so dearly love to find one single pair of shoes that are comfortable and easy for walking this winter. But, my severe pickiness leaves me a bit unhopeful.

I'm now on leaf countdown. The Tree That I Hate has begun its autumn. The leaves are an ugly shade of olive drab. I'm so looking forward to being able to see my neighbors in the apartment building across the street again. I don't even know if they are the same ones as were there last Spring or how they have been doing or if they've changed decor. Nothing. I am dusting off my binoculars and getting ready.

Nothing big on the agenda today - just the usual. Nice.

Don't get mad

When someone says to me "now, don't get mad but, ... " whatever comes after that but will absolutely piss me off. I don't are what it is.

The guy below me has a leak on his terrace. Just like the leak I had on my terrace. The building manager and HOA president ignored my pleas to fix my leak for 18 months. Then they came in and cut a 3 foot squared hole in the ceiling of my terrace and finally fixed the leak. Last Spring. The hole, by the way, is still there and the damage to my window frame is not yet fixed but "we have a plan".

So tonight they called and asked to come check my unit because the guy below was having water dripped onto his terrace. Sure come on. My unit is dry as a bone. Not a drop anywhere. So Sandy (HOA President) turns to my air conditioner and proceeded to explain to me how air conditioners work and so there was probably a lot of water there. That's what came after the don't get mad.

I said fine. BUT seems to me that if my air conditioner was leaking to the unit below, there would be at least some dampness between the unit and my own floor. There is none. Not any. Yes, if there were any humidity in Seattle, there might be condensation. There isn't so there isn't. They left.

And his leak is working exactly like mine did. From the ceiling through the window frame. You can easily see how that happens by looking up into the FUCKING HOLE YOU HAVE NOT FIXED YET!!!

Ok, now I feel better. Thank you.

My Mom's perfume arrived. I opened the bottle and it didn't smell like Mom. But I put some on my wrist and some on my shirt and now it does. Subtly but she's there. What a wonderful thing. I'm so glad I thought of it.

And another not quite as wonderful but pretty nifty thing is a new laundry soap I found. Why in the world didn't someone come up with this sooner???

I got Breezeo from Amazon. It's strips of paper. Seriously. You tear one off and toss it into the machine. Or you can use it for washing by hand. The whole package of 48 washer loads weighs nothing and takes up no space at all.

There's another brand that is the same called Dizolve. Seriously this is really brilliant. My laundry was very happy and so am I!

Baseball time.