August 28th, 2018

Me 'n Ernie

Yeah, I know... it's only Day 2 of a 7 day challenge but he'll take the lead here by about Thursday so I need to wallow in victory early in the week. I'm getting a little Ernie obsessed.

Today's big adventure will be Target. I'm going to try out the free tourist shuttle bus but there will also be walking because, well, Ernie. But, it's only 8:15 and the shuttle bus does not start until 10.

It's supposed to get up to 80 today with sun which is not promising but, hopefully, it won't get bad til this afternoon when I'm safely back here with the air conditioner.

My neighbors across the hall have been gone all Summer and people have been in their unit doing work. Yesterday they left the door open for a bit and I got to peek in. Renae and Doug had this beautifully perfect unit. I mean it was all updated with gorgeous cabinetry and stuff. Plus they are very fastidious people so it was always immaculate. But now they have ripped out everything. The entire kitchen is to the studs. Also, they've been working in there a long time to have only ripped and not yet started to replace... Yikes. I can't wait to see it finished and I'll be they can't either.

That unit was originally owned by this very strange guy who cooked foul smelling stuff (and judging him by his looks, it was more chemical than edible) and then went on a rampage and tore up everything. It went on the market as a tear down (unusual for a condo in a classy building). At the time, I had a friend who lived here who was a realtor and he gave me a tour of the place. It was a disaster. More holes than walls. A toilet in the living room. And stinky. I can't remember if Doug and Renae did the first rebuild or bought it after. If it was after, it was shortly after because they've lived there now for at least 10 years. I'm hoping that with this current remodel, they are planning another 10. They are fabulous neighbors.


I just Marie Kondo'd the shit out of my bathroom cabinet!

dimity_blue suggested yesterday that I just bin everything. Initially I thought, dumb idea. And then, this morning, with time to kill, I thought 'brilliant!'

I pulled every single thing out and dumped it into bags.


Then I emptied all those plastic drawer things and filled up to 13 gallon bags (well, half filled them anyway) and put back only the essentials. There turned out to be an easy place for everything. Note to self, no need to buy q-tips again, probably, in this lifetime.

Found a curling iron that the Goodwill will be happy to have. Found a half a dozen inhaler spacers for when I could not figure out how to work the damn inhalers. Sadly, I have that skill nailed. No need for any stinkin' spacer. Old creams, lotions, makeup, perfume, contact lens cases... I'll be dropping them into the dumpster on the way to Target.


The hardest part of this was the old lady getting down on the floor and back up again in a tight space on tile. The next time I need to clean that cabinet, I'm going to have to have a minion to get the stuff out and back in!

Ok.Time to pee and then hit the road. See ya on the flip side.

Still ahead of Ernie!

I left here and walked a block and a half to the shuttle stop and got there just before he was pulling away! Nice little bus, obnoxious bus driver.

There were two couples on the bus both clearly from out of town. The bus driver droned on and on about our ridiculous politics and how the city had wasted all this money building bike lanes and now they are tearing them down and how we cow tow to the homeless and it's illegal to make them pack up their tents and move on except they did clear out all the homeless from the waterfront for the tourists - but they will all be back come November.

Not all of what he said was 100% inaccurate none of what he said was even close to appropriate.

And... he had a fucking tip jar! Now that's beyond tacky. Our city bus drivers - many of whole richly deserve tips - don't have tip jars and he certainly should not.

Also... the brochure says the free shuttle goes from Pioneer Square to the Space Needle. Turns out, it goes from Pioneer Square to the waterfront where they dump you off NOT where the brochure says but two blocks south of there. Then, if you want to go to the Space Needle you have to wait for the next one.

The price is good. The experience is a lemon. And I'm not even sure that's fair to lemons.

I got to Target. And got the last coffee pot. Well, the last one of the kind I wanted.

I used to love Target so much. I once took a job because they had a Target in the town. Well, not really but it was way up there on the list of Pros when I was deciding to move. The last maybe 10 times I've been in Target over the past maybe 10 years, I've tried hard and failed to remember why I liked it so much.

I do like the coffee pot. It's about 1/3rd the size of the other one. Yeah for counter space!!! I put the other one into storage after thoroughly testing the little one. I was mainly concerned about how long it would take to from cold start to hot coffee. 2 minutes and 28 seconds. I can live with that. And I can certainly live with the lower profile. Nice.

It was getting way too hot coming home so I hopped on the light rail but still managed to beef up my steps du jour.

Zoey is getting really weird when I'm gone at unexpected times. She's fine with my going to the pool in the mornings but she's not fine with my coming home and leaving again. Today when I got back she spent an hour standing in front of me meowing. I was beginning to think that Timmy was stuck in the well again. I gave her food, not interested. I gave her treats, she ate them and went back to whining. Finally she settled down but really, what's up cat??

Now I'm going to get some fresh ice in my tea and then sit down and see what Acorn TV has for me.