August 24th, 2018


I ended up starting two Amazon seller accounts last night. One of them was approved this morning so I was able to list the tablet. Finally. But now even more people are selling theirs - not individuals but resale companies. Not sure what the rush is - the earliest new ones will be announced is likely October. But whatever.

Once all that was done, I thought, hmmmm why not double dip? So I also created a listing on Swappa. There were 3 listed for sale on Swappa last week and now only one so maybe...

Amazon requires a DNA test to set up an account. This is particularly hilarious since there are obviously scam selling going on all over Amazon. I bought something on Swappa about 4 years ago and no special anything account-wise was required to sell. BUT, they are far more picky about what you list. I had to send a bunch of very specific photos and I'm waiting now for approval. Swappa also shows you want the same item has sold for in the past year which is kind of helpful. Oh and the listing has to be tended. It will expire if you don't manually extend it.

I set the Amazon price at $575 and the Swappa price at $599. If they both sell while I'm asleep, I'm screwed. Well, not really. But the Amazon buyer will be disappointed.

Both are overpriced so I'll be surprised if there is any sale at all.

It's another cool day. Much clearer but not crystal. The radio, this morning, said smoke may come back on Sunday. I might go get on that free shuttle bus today and just take a ride or I might not. The kitchen needs a clean up. And the sewing room is a gigantic mess. I have a shirt that is cut out and ready to sew up and my crochet project needs tending. Plus, I have the final episode of Series One of No Offense and it promises to be wild. I'm so glad there is a Series Two in the chamber ready to fire.

First, however, I think more coffee is in order.

Mind clearing

There was a science fiction convention last week in San Jose. Apparently, the convention people did not plan for a lot of people on mobility scooters and there turned out to be lots of them. And it was a problem.

People on Twitter assume that anyone on a mobility scooter needs to have a requirement for one. In other words, a mobility issue. Anyone who does not is a faker.

Now, people who use government issued disabled parking tags/spaces without the proper medical clearance, are, indeed a problem. People who use other spaces designated for disabled - thereby preventing their use by actual disabled people... is a problem.

But, I'm not sure scooter use requires a reason - legit or otherwise. I have a scooter and I use it and I don't have to. I use it mostly for trips that would be difficult without it. But certainly not impossible. I could take my car but I chose to take the scooter.

I don't consider myself a faker.


I really enjoy Instagram. I have a deep seeded dislike/distrust of Facebook which owns Instagram but I'm fine with Instagram. Not looking to make sense there. I get a lot of sewing/knitting/crochet/swimming inspiration on Instagram and enjoy watching the lives of people and also wallabies.

I almost always follow Instagram via the web on my Chromebook. The app, on my phone and even on my chromebook, works better but the app is now just one ad after another with regular entries sprinkled in now and again.

I do not mind the ads themselves. Actually they are frighteningly well targeted. BUT lately there are so many, that it's hard to find the non-ad content. TOO MANY!!!

They have not yet figured out how to put ads on the web version and I've very grateful. When they do, I'm going to have to figure out another way to get my inspiration. (I did turn off the auto posting of my Instagram to LJ.)


A thousand chores... DONE!

I did not go out today. I did go down to the dumpsters 3 times so faux out. But, mainly I did house shit and a ton of it. The kitchen is clean, the laundry is done and folded and put away, a million little pick-this-up-that-has-been-out-for-a-week-and-put-it-where-it-belongs. I cleaned up the sewing room and organized the two projects going on there plus changed out the thread in the serger. I cleaned out the litter box.

And, can I just say, paying for non-cheap litter is so worth it. I have always bought pretty much the cheapest litter in the most convenient form factor. I don't like the bags, so no bags, but if it's got a handle and it's cheap, I bought it. Then I bought cheap light weight litter. And finally, last time I emptied out all the litter and scrubbed the box and its cabinet completely, I refilled with the high priced spread. (Specifically Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Scented Litter with the Power of Febreze, Clumping Cat Litter.) It smells better, it really does clump more efficiently and she does not track half of it out with her every time. Worth the extra shekels for sure.

Not worth the shekels are the peaches and tomatoes we get around here even in peach and tomato season. The Japanese grocery has some of the highest quality produce in town. Yesterday I bought peaches there (only two - I knew the risk) and, sure enough, the flavor is reminiscent of peach but also of cardboard with a bitter after taste. It's ripe. It's just bad. I gave up on tomatoes entirely several years ago. I'm not a big fruits and veg person but this time of year, I'd about kill for a New Jersey tomato.