August 21st, 2018


The sun through smoke makes the eeriest light. And we've got the smoke. Today is supposed to be the worst. It start getting better in the morning and the This Air Will Kill You warning is scheduled to be turned off at 5 pm Wednesday. I'll be ready. My breathing has not gotten worse. It's really not even that bad and I'd really like to keep it that way.

So today will be another in house day. Which is fine.

My continued search for winter shoes - a replacement for my sandals - today will get the Zappos offerings. I ordered 5 pair. I'll be supremely happy if just one of them meets my stringent criteria. But not terribly surprised if none do. The search will go on. I have make do options. It's how I got through last winter.

I met a new swimmer at the pool today. Erica. She showed up yesterday for the first time. She has a really unique swim style. Sleek and quiet and strong and graceful. She's not fast but wow is she fun to watch. So pretty. She said she's planning on coming every day. Fun!

Amazon says that the reason my selling account was deactivated was that my credit card info was out of date. Way to label errors there, A. They were smart enough to tell me that it may take 48 hours after I fix the credit card for the afucccount to activate. I'd tell them to kiss my seller's ass except, for the Pixel C, Amazon absolutely offers the best hope of selling it the quickest at the highest price. There's only one available there now and it's listed at $1,200. I'd be happy with half that and mine has a keyboard which theirs does not. So we wait. 48 hours. Sigh.

Oh! I just read that Costco now has Google Pay. Yeah!! Now if Safeway and QFC would get with the program, I would not need to take my card out of the house.

And today's I Walked A Mile To School In The Snow entry: Lifehacker has an article on how to make meals in dorm rooms. The opening paragraph totally lost me. It decried the horrors of only having a small fridge and microwave to work with. And then there's the bullcrap about fruits and vegetables.

My college years were 1967-1971. We had two electrical outlets in our dorm rooms and we were allowed two electrical appliances. There were two girls to a room and that was two electrical appliances total. So one, of course, was a record player (look it up). And the other had to be a hair dryer. We also had an iron and a radio. Usually, we swapped out but in a critical emergency, we would plug four things in.

Microwave ovens on kitchen counters were still a decade away. But, you can make a spectacular grilled cheese sandwich with an iron.

Hey new peops...

I'm guessing if you added your name to the recent friendzy, you are interested in new friends. I added you. If you don't like that, don't add me back. Easy peasy.

I've never been comfortable with writing to strangers and begging to be added to their list. I mean what if I hate their journal that I've now had to beg to read?

I totally get that my own view of how LiveJournal operates is out of sync with the rest of the world, I'm playing the old lady card. I don't care and I don't have to.

If you give me permission to read your journal, thank you.

So... of course...

Only one of the six pairs of Zappos shoes was comfortable enough to walk the length of the condo. But, I did not love them $140 worth so the whole lot got packed back up and are now waiting for UPS to pick them up.


Oh well. I tried. I squeaked by last year without any real winter shoes. I can do it again.

I've now been down in the garage which is open to the outside world on one side and so smoke optional - twice today. The second time netted me a nice little coughing fit. Yes, it could have been smoke but, honestly, I think it was psychosomatic. Just looking out at this stuff is making my lungs shrivel.

I'm sucked into a British Crime drama series called No Offense. The dialog is very clever but OMG so fast and so full of idioms and slang that I cannot understand half of it even reading the closed captioning. I have to watch every episode twice to even follow along. But it is totally worth it. Joanna Scanlan is pretty amazing. Actually all of the women in the cast are and pretty much, it's all women.

I'm in the second run of episode 3... I need to get back to it now.