August 15th, 2018

Clean inside but not out

Today is housecleaner day. Which means I split and go do errands except. The air outside still sucks. But, depending on who you believe, it could remain pretty sucky for weeks. I can't stay inside for weeks. That's digging into my quality of life. And we cannot have that. Plus I have a Mariner game to go to on Saturday.

So I think I'm going out today anyway. I have a mask I can wear but I hate to wear it. I have albuterol which I can take before I go out. And cough pills. I'll keep the windows up and the a/c on and hope for the best. Today's plans include Goodwill, the big Safeway (on the hunt for candy pumpkins) and getting gas. It will be fine.

Some of the weather people say it will begin to clear out tomorrow so I'm going to hope they are the ones who are right and not the ones that say it will be a few weeks before we get relief.

Spotify is misbehaving on my chromebook and it's pissing me off. Ok, just turned off all extensions. Problem fixed. Turned them back on one by one and problem still fixed. Computers just like to fuck with you, I think. Their must be some cat in their DNA.

But, meanwhile Spotify somehow got the idea that I love patriotic music. I surely do not. Especially these days. The web player gives me no way to tell Spotify NFW. So I have to go to my phone and tell it to tell Spotify to lay off the red, white and blue music - song by song. Odd, because, in every their recommendation engine is spot on with songs and singers both. Just a strange little anomaly.

The baseball game starts at 1 today.