August 8th, 2018

Wildly Randoms

Yesterday was Tuesday. Tuesdays are always the very busiest at the pool. More people than lane real estate. Yesterday, there was no one there but me. I swam and swam all by myself. It was so odd. Finally after about 55 minutes a guy came in and then another but that was it. 3 of us where here are often 8 or 9. ?????

Today, my friend, Karen was there with her husband and after, we were chatting and she told me that after I got there and was already in the pool, they ran out of towels. And the dryer was broken. So that's why no one was in the pool. Rarely do I get an answer to my pool questions. I was so lucky yesterday. At least now, you have to get your towels when you first come in (they used to just stack them up in the locker room) so if they don't have any, you find out before you get naked and wet. I keep a spare in the car. I need to check and make sure it's still there. I meant to do that when I got into the car and forgot.

I'm going out again at 10. I'll do it then. I need to take an Amazon return to the return space which is also the same place you pick up Amazon Fresh orders so I placed an Amazon Fresh order. Yep. I'm totally and happily Amazon's bitch.

I love my Garmin watch. Well, I love the way it works. I hate wearing it. It's the easiest tracker to use, especially for swimming, and tracks the most things. I hate the size of it. It feels like I'm wearing a dinner plate on my wrist. Or at least a salad plate. And the band size is all wrong for the watch size. I've tried different bands and never been happy with any. Until now. I got a nylon loop band and I love ot. It's swims just fine, is comfortable always, can be adjusted by tiny increments and comes in fun colors. I don't love the watch more but I do hate wearing it less. And I still love all the data.

Today is Instant Pot Pasta day. I hate boiling pasta. I hate the mess I hate the condensation. I love pasta but rarely have it because it's a mess. But... instant pot pasta? Maybe not so much a mess. We shall see. The internets reveal that the subject is not a benign one. There are a whole lotta very strong opinions about instant pot pasta. Today, there will be one more. Stay tuned.

The baseball game is on at 11 but the TV broadcast is one of those stupid Facebook Only games. So... radio it is. I think I'll listen while I sew. I'm going to piece together some knit scraps I have. I'm not sure what I'll make with the result but I'll figure that out when they are all pieced.

Instant Pot Pasta Report Plus Magic Sesame Sauce

Ok so done and I'm a fan.

I put an entire box of angel hair pasta. This one:

I broke it in half, into the pot and water to cover. Then I set the pot to 3 minutes of steam and 3 minutes of release. (I hit the lever to vent at about a minute after the 3 minute buzzed.) There was a little to drain but not much. Next time, I probably will vent it as soon as the 3 minutes are up.

I put some in the fridge and the rest I'm going to let cool off then divy up into freezer bags.

Once the fridge batch was cooled, I tossed it with some Magic Sesame Sauce. Which is my new Favorite Sauce On Everything. YUM!!!

Here's the magic sauce. It comes from Molly Yeh and I love it.

2 teaspoons sesame oil
2 tablespoons honey
2 cloves garlic chopped (I use the jar stuff, plz do not tell Molly)
3 tablespoons tahini
4 tablespoons soy sauce
Red pepper flakes to taste

I whisk it all together and put it into a squeeze bottle in the fridge. Sooooo good on every single thing. Meat, fish, fowl, veggies, noodles.