July 31st, 2018

Tunes... RIP

My wonderful music player that I use while I swim died today. It may be only critically ill but it's not working and won't charge up. So, sigh. I have my old iPod Shuffles that I can use so I won't be swimming tuneless. But the Shuffles don't do Spotify and require that I use iTunes which I hate so so so very much.

The maker of the broken music player will fix or replace. I'm not worried long term. Also, serendipitously, another swim music player is nearly on its way (label created not yet actually at the post office). I bought both of these - the broken one and the almost here one via Kickstarter. I was not sure I'd ever get either. Both let me use Spotify so Yeah! One way or the other or the other or the other, I won't be swimming in silence.

My rule is that I can skip the early morning swim the morning after a Mariners night game but last night's game was so fast that I was home by 10 so skipping seemed silly. To everyone, apparently. The pool was packed. My friend Karen, and her husband came in just as it was filling up. They asked if we could circle swim in my lane and I said ure. They are way faster than I am so I had to kick on the afterburners. It was good for me and kind of fun and it was only for about 20 minutes.

My brother's new hip is operational! I got a text that he had walked around a fair bit this morning. He said the pain wasn't too bad - more like a bruise. He's expecting to go home tomorrow. Amazing.

Nothing big going on around here today but it is way cooler out today so I need to hit the street. If only for a long (longer than just around the block) walk. I might just hop on a bus and ride uptown and then walk back. Maybe. Stay tuned for the report.

Also the Mariners won gloriously last night against the best team in baseball. It was a very satisfying game. Oh and the fun young woman from the casino who sat next to me last year was back last night. Fun to catch up.

A new breakfast

On instagram, someone posted how to make Starbucks egg bites in an Instant Pot. I'm not a Starbukian and did not know about egg bites but I do know a cool breakfast idea when I see one and... I have an Instant Pot! I followed her recipe, kinda - turns out what I did was way closer to what is on this page under Product Description. I didn't have the molds so I used my silicone muffin cups and covered them with foil.

2 eggs made 3 muffin bites. I tested one and ended up eating the whole thing. Delicious!! I was getting tired of egg burritos. This will be perfect, with a side of toasted english muffin. I put the other two in the fridge. Tomorrow morning, one of them will meet his muffin and be my breakfast! I ordered the molds.

I've been putting the Instant Pot on a shelf when I'm not using it. It may well have earned itself some permanent counter real estate.

I did get out today. And it was really nice out. The sun was still behind clouds so the temperature was perfect. I walked up to he intersection that has the most busses and grabbed one. I made one stop at Daiso. Turns out that store, which used to be a good size is now just a little mini version and did not have anything close to what I wanted. Then I walked down to Pike Place Market to the fabric consignment shop and found two nice pieces. I browsed through the French/Spanish grocer and then started walking towards home. I stopped at a nice little cafe/bakery and got some lunch and then finished the trip. It was the perfect outing.

I had turned the air conditioner off before I left and the place had heated up a bit. So I turned it back on low for a while and now it's off again. I have the door open and can hear the outside which is fun.

With my walk and my swim, I have totally earned some sit-on-my-ass time and I think I'll cash in. I started a new series on Acorn called The Syndicate. Turns out there were two in the series before this one but the three are not story dependant so no biggie. Maybe Acorn will carry those first two some other time.