July 30th, 2018

What to do...

Everyone says swimming is just the greatest exercise but I think the way I do it, it's just ok exercise. I get in and I start swimming the regular American crawl and I stop at the end of an hour or 1800 yards whichever comes first. I generally don't try to go fast or slow. So it's the same pace for an hour every single day. I read on some swim board the other day that this is the exercise equivalent of a long stroll.

It does not matter to me. My fitness tracker says I do an equivalent of 10,000 steps a day and about 2,250 calories. My body size and shape has not changed much in several years. (My diet is also high in starch and calories and low in vegetables and ruffage.)

But, if it weren't for swimming, I'd get no exercise at all so I'm glad I love it and can do it every day even if I low ball it. This morning, however, I was the only one there and totally focused and I really did get legit exercise as in breathless when done. It was fun.

That will be it for today, however. It's going to be too hot to think about leaving this house until 5 pm and time to leave for the baseball game.

I don't have anything going on today. No sewing projects queued. I have another pair of socks on the needles but that is it. I may do some surfing for new sewing ideas. I do have a crochet idea. I have TV saved and unwatched and a whole bunch of Acorn I haven't seen yet. So it may well be a day that finds my ass in my new chair. I may take the trash down to the dumpster if I really need some excitement.