July 27th, 2018

Why wait?

Sitting in this chair (the orange one) is just not working as an every day thing. Sitting on the love seat for one day is even worse. My long term plan is to share sitting between this orange chair and the new chair and a half.

The soonest Salvation Army will pick up the love seat is next Thursday. So I figured I'd get the chair and a half next Friday.

Then last night I'm all Why Wait?? I figured out a scheme. I'll have the mover guy I hired take the love seat down to the garage. There's a flat, unused area where I can store it temporarily. This morning when the building manage got in, I went down and asked him for use of the dolly tomorrow to help with the chair and then love seat. And then told, not asked, him that I was going to store the love seat and where. He was not happy but didn't have the nerve to tell me no. Whew.

So Saturday. Tomorrow. The plan is to meet Marco - the guy the Dolly app assigned to me - at Costco. Pick up the chair and bring it here. 10:30. On one of the hottest days of the year. That last bit didn't dawn on me til too late but what ever.

I have a plan in place. That's the takeaway.

I wonder if I can remember to get gas at Costco tomorrow. Probably not.

I also designed a new bag during my swim today. I need a better Mariner game bag. I spend way too much time at the game digging through my big game bag. I need a bag to go inside of it that holds all the stuff except my sweater, hat and thermos. It's a simple zipper bag with a convertible handle. I'll make it out of Mariner fabric, of course.

No other big plans. Still too hot to go out if I don't need to and I don't need to. The cumulative hot is now a thing. I noticed this morning that my nearly always very cool underground parking garage was not nearly as cool this morning. This is a 110 year old building. It's made of concrete and massive timbers. Places like the underground garage take a long time to heat but but then also... a long time to cool down. Ditto the lobby which is half tile and half spackled wallboard. Once that tile really heats up, it's toasty til winter.

And speaking of the building, the two units for sale are still for sale. Now on the market for nearly a month. I'll bet their owners are really frustrated having watched everyone else's unit fly to sales in a week or less. One of those people who sold about a year and a half ago and moved to Italy was in the neighborhood this week. The sewing shop owner and I both saw her. She was strange when she lived here - strange in dress, manner, speech and deed. We both noted, as she walked by that a year and a half in Italy has ratched up her strange in dress about 125%.

I just saw a tweet of this menu from a pop up shop in Pike Place Market. I love the Pay-it-forward card idea. I'd totally buy one of those.

I need to make an appointment with the eye doctor for my annual visit. I can't make it online. I have to call so I keep putting it off. I think eye doctor appointments are annoying. The doctor part is fine, it's all the 'focus on the red roof', 'can you see this? how about now?', 'these drops are only going to sting a little'... I think calling is annoying. The combo just prevents it from happening.

Laundry. I just remembered I need to do laundry and I need to wash this swimsuit cover up I still have on. Hmmm guess I'll get that started.

Chemical Day

My friend Mary used to say she was having a chemical day... "Everything I touch today, turns instantly to shit"

I'm having a chemical day. I was working on my new bag and sewed the fobs to hold the strap in wrong. Of course, since they hold the strap, they needed to be sewed down with extra umph. Which is fiddly to undo when you do it wrong. But I got it undone and then proceeded to do it a different way but also wrong! GRRRRRR

Then my internet went down. I have no idea why. But, of course, by the time I drop everything and am half into troubleshooting, it restores itself. Of course.

My backup phone - the one that I finally remembered to order the sim for - I discovered was trying and failing to boot. It's called a boot loop and it's a major Pain in the Ass. It sometimes happens to Android phones - most often, I believe, after an update. To fix you have to get into bootloader mode and then recovery mode and then do stuff. There is no Fix This button. And calling Google for help is right up there with recreational root canals.

I got into the bootloader mode but recovery mode was corrupt. It took a lot of research and a lot of tries but finally I got there and tried the easy fix. Nope. Went back and pulled out the big gorilla - factory reset.

Happily, I've got all my stuff set to automagically back up so it was insanely simple to say 'put it back like it was'. Did that and still found some problems. I'm not sure it's still not hinky. It is now installing a security update - same one, second time. I really want this phone to hang on. I don't like not having a ready full backup phone.

In between I made tuna salad and added a bunch of rice from last night. Totally delicious. Then I bagged up the rest of the rice and put it in the freezer. Now I need to clean up the kitchen and fold all the clean laundry and put it away. And take a load of trash and garbage down to the dumpster.

I may or may not get back to the bag today... I'm kind of afraid to touch it again.

Romantic Relationships Part III

I had a very good long time friend who was working at the Charlotte Observer. She had a new friend she was crazy about - Bob Dennis. She thought we'd be perfect together. I was living about 2 hours from Charlotte at the time so we dated back and forth for a while. He was nice and very interesting and interested and fun to be around. My friends liked him. Holly thought he was amazing. His friends were fun. The driving back and forth got old. I suggested I move to Charlotte and we live together. He said he could never do that while his parents were alive.

Did I mention he was 21 years older than I was? And his parents lived in upstate New York and never ever traveled? And he had 5 kids? But, it was his parents who were the show stopper on the living together. Shudda been a sign, you say? One of many many many. He suggested that instead of living together, we get married. I said ok. It was just that passionate. And thought through. And doomed from the get go.

His kids were 14-27. (I was 31.) 3 boys and the two oldest were girls. The youngest thought I was a kick. The two girls thought I'd stolen their father from their mother (from whom he had been divorced for a decade). It was one big happy family. Actually the boys lived with us on and off. And while they were not so much a big deal, decisions that Bob would make or not make 'because of the children' were a problem. One of many. He wanted a wife - someone who would cook his pork chops and peas and potatoes that he wanted every single night for dinner. Someone to clean and keep house. I actually wanted that, too.

We were both adults and had lived on our own for a while and knew the best way to do things and our ways were very different. When we didn't clash, we didn't connect either. He was a lot nicer than I was/am. Not as nice as this piece his friend wrote in the Observer when he died a few years ago made him sound but nice enough.
His obit has his details.

We carried on our mostly separate lives for 2 years and a couple of months. I felt like I had made my bed and was stuck in it forever. Until New Years Day when we came home from a party and were getting ready to watch the news on TV and he said "Probably we should just give up, don't ya think?" I heard the bells of freedom.

I wallowed in my singleness for several glorious years. I had only gay friends. I worked hard. I got my tubes tied (in case singleness ever wore off).

And then I started what would be a 5 year affair with a guy who, for some of that time, was married. Not my finest hour. But, then -foreshadowing - none of my romantic relationships turned out to be my finest hour.

To Be Continued