July 24th, 2018

Spiriva 1, Me 0

Spiriva is an expensive inhaler that I use to keep me breathing in spite of my Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ). I used to take it plus 2 others. I managed to eliminate the 2 others and I've felt so good for months - breathing like a champ - that I thought maybe I could at least reduce the Spiriva. I have 3 months worth on hand but to get to January (when the insurance renews and starts paying again) will mean another $340.

I take 2 pulls on the inhaler every morning. I tried doing it every other morning and tried one pull a morning. Neither worked well. Nothing disastrous but I can tell when climb stairs or first wake up or first start swimming. I really like breathing like a champ. Turns out I like it at least $340 worth so I refilled the prescription this morning.

I'm glad I tried cutting back. It's nice to know and a good reminder of how good I have it right now. Six months ago I thought I'd never breath like this again. So I'm grateful for Spiriva and grateful I can afford it and glad I can get it.

Since the day I brought her home 5 and a half years ago, Zoey has had a bowl full of dry kitty kibble in exactly the same spot. She is served her wet cat food on the counter in a corner but the dry is always there on the floor just outside the kitchen. About a week or so ago she stopped eating the dry. Meanwhile she was eating all the wet food I would give her and demanding more.

So yesterday I got a different kind of dry. I let her sniff it and she seemed interested until I put it into the bowl. She ignored it. So I got a smaller bowl and filled it up and set it next to her wet food bowl. "Oh boy!! kibble!!!!" She at so much so fast that, of course, she then threw it all up. But, now is back to munching now and again. So now, she has her own dining area. Wet food, dry food and her water glass (she does not like water from a bowl, only a water glass), in a special section of the kitchen counter. It's sure easier for me but what a freakin' princess. Next thing you know, she'll be bitching about a pea under her mattress.

Yesterday when I was setting up the new computer and packing up the old stuff, I also rearranged some plugs and ports and power strips and now I can easily charge up both my watch and my swim music player at the same time without having the living room look like an extension cord warehouse. So yeah!

I'm not sure what's on today's planner. I think I might make a new pocketbook maybe. I have 17 minutes of my current (audio) book to finish. I might do that. I have a good new one queued up. It's going to be another hot one outside so I'll be inside.

Writing Prompts

When I was a kid, maybe 12ish, I had a homework assignment to write an essay. On anything. My cluelessness matched my interest on a one to one basis. I didn't give a shit and had no idea what to write. I whined to my Dad about this and he went to the bookshelf and pulled down Bartlett's Familiar Quotations and started digging.

The one he found that he fancied was Admiral David Farragut's "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" We talked about what it meant. It was perfect essay fodder. Daddy for the win.

A lot of my LJ friends are answering a question every day. And still others talk about how much they enjoy them. I feel like I get up, I swim, I sew or knit, I watch the baseball game, I write a sentence about each and then I do it all again the next day. I like recording the mundane but I think I'd like more. I had a great time when celluloid_jam asked me what it was like growing up way back when. I'm always open to any questions anyone has - at least I like to think I am.

I've tried writing prompts before and can argue for and against. But, I figure it's time to try some more. These are random and will probably die out soon enough. Plus, if I don't like the question, I'll just change it or my answer. I said random, I meant random.

What is the weather like? How does it make you feel?

I bitch about the hot weather enough. It's hot out today. One of the weather peops just tweeted it is 88 degrees out. Hot weather makes me stupid. Lethargic, sweaty and uncomfortable with a total lack of interest in anything. But, here in the Northwest, if you stay in the shade, it is rarely uncomfortable. My living room faces east. I just went out onto the terrace to put something away and it was actually very nice out. Shady with a little breeze. No humidity. Most people in the United States today would say it was heaven out there right now. I'm not going to turn off my A/C or go outside, but at least I do know it's not horrible.

Plus, I was raised in the south. With no air conditioning at all. I was 16 before we had any air conditioning in our house. Or ceiling fans. We once got a car with air conditioning but it was horrible and neither Mother or Daddy would ever turn it on. I survived. I just don't know how.